Powercast wants to solve one of Nintendo Switchs most frustrating problems

first_img CNET may get a commission from retail offers. Now playing: Watch this: Share your voice Culture Gaming Accessories 2:38 Amazon All the cool new gadgets at CES 2019 CES 2019: Every story so far: See all of CNET’s coverage of the year’s biggest tech show. CES 2019 schedule: It’s six days of jam-packed events. Here’s what to expect. See It News • Are you a Nintendo Switch docker or hander? 85 Photos Walmart See It Review • Nintendo Switch review: Pure fun on a big-screen TV or on the go There’s also a charger that works with individual Joy-Cons instead of two. CNET/Mark Serrels Powercast wants to solve one of the biggest problems with the Nintendo Switch, and that makes me very happy.I consider the Nintendo Switch one of the most convenient game consoles I’ve ever owned. You can play games on the go, before falling asleep in bed, on public transport. It’s a console designed to filter into the gaps of a busy life, with one exception: the damned Joy-Con controllers. I have this issue weekly. I want to play, say Mario Kart 8 or Smash Bros. Ultimate, with my family. I need three or four Joy-Cons (aka Nintendo Switch controllers). The ones already attached to the Nintendo Switch are good to go because, unless you own an accessory, that’s the only way Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons charge. My spare Joy-Cons, however, have no battery. That means you’re pretty much screwed — unless you have Powercast’s Wireless Charging Grips.These things are awesome. I tried them out at CES 2019, and I love them. $289 Charge your Nintendo Switch over-the-air $299 See It Nintendo See it $309 They work using Powercast’s over-the-air energy tech. A rectangular cube literally sends energy through the air using RF energy, which is converted to DC power using a receiver chip inside the Nintendo Switch grip. The energy stored is used to charge the controllers themselves. What that means, essentially, is you can play Nintendo Switch while your controller charges, potentially until the heat death of the universe. It’s a great solution. There are a few issues here. The range is short-ish. In a press release, Powercast says it’s two feet. In the video above, you can see I got a little bit farther, but it was hard to confirm whether the controller was actually still charging at that distance. There are other charging grips on the market — Nintendo has an official one but it requires cables. Powercast’s solution seems better to me, particularly since I enjoy attaching the Joy-Cons to some sort of grip while playing the Nintendo Switch docked on TV. I’d rather do that without a cable.Powercast is saying the Wireless Charging Grips will be available in the third quarter in the US and Canada, with other territories coming shortly after. No word on price yet. Preview • Nintendo Switch: All the latest details Comments $299 Tags 2 How To • How to transfer your Nintendo Switch account to a new Switch V2 Nintendo Switch Mentioned Above Nintendo Switch (Gray) Best Buy CES 2019last_img read more

A thin and light gaming laptop MSIs Titan says no

first_imgThere’s a full Nvidia RTX 2080 in there somewhere. Daniel Van Boom/CNET Thanks to Nvidia’s Max-Q design graphics cards, gaming laptops have become much thinner and lighter in recent years. But “thin and light” is the opposite of how you’d describe MSI’s latest beast.Unveiled at Computex 2019 in Taipei, Taiwan, the MSI GT76 Titan sacrifices portability for power.It’s a 17.3-inch laptop that can be configured with an Intel Core i9-9900K processor, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 (no Max-Q design, which means it’s more powerful) and up to 128GB of DDR4 RAM. I have no clue what you’d do with all that RAM, but hey, it’s there. It comes in both a 144Hz, Full-HD 1,920x-1,080-pixel display variant and another with a 4K 3,840×2,160-pixel display.Laptops with a RTX 2080 are rare, and MSI says it had to improve its cooling mechanism by 2.25 times just to accommodate all that power. We don’t have a full spec list yet, so don’t know exactly how heavy it is, but based on what I saw on the show floor, this isn’t a laptop you’ll want to take to work.img-20190528-174454The Titan is thicc.  Daniel Van Boom/CNET But as we saw with the Alienware Area 51-m, there’s something charming about a laptop that’s determined to be as powerful as possible, no matter what sacrifices it needs to make. MSI brought another new laptop to Computex, but this one wasn’t quite as gargantuan. The GE65 Raider is a 15.6-inch gaming machine whose spotlight feature is a 240Hz 1,920×1,080-pixel display. It can also be configured with a Core i9 CPU, but its GPU limit is “only” an RTX 2070 (no Max-Q either.) That’ll be more than powerful enough to breeze through most AAA games. And if 128GB of RAM feels excessive, which it is, you can cram in a slightly-less-excessive 64GB of RAM. May 29 • The outrageous computer cases of Computex 2019 Alienware Area-51m promises power and upgrades 1:53 Computex 2019 Share your voice • Post a comment Now playing: Watch this: 0center_img reading • A thin and light gaming laptop? MSI’s Titan says no May 30 • Alienware redesigns its thin gaming laptops and offers OLED Tags May 30 • Computex 2019: Every announcement you need to know See All Laptops Gaming Computex 2019 May 29 • The laptops of tomorrow will make us even more productive — and it’s terrifyinglast_img read more

Sensex Opens Red FMCG Auto and Healthcare Dip

first_imgDIC India Ltd.435.40-108.85-20 Shree Global Tradefin22.15-2.45-9.96 Early Losers:NameNameLast (INR)Last (INR)Change (INR)Change (INR)Percentage changePercentage changeNameDIC India Ltd.Last (INR)435.40Change (INR)-108.85Percentage change-20NameRicoh India Ltd.Last (INR)172.80Change (INR)-43.20Percentage change-20NamePFL InfoTech Ltd.Last (INR)484.45Change (INR)-53.80Percentage change-10NameShree Global TradefinLast (INR)22.15Change (INR)-2.45Percentage change-9.96NameKano Tea & IndustriesLast (INR)92.60Change (INR)-9.40Percentage change-9.22 Indian share market opened in red on Tuesday, as conflict in Iraq and a gas dispute between Ukraine and Russia has increased tensions among investors. At 9:15 am Sensex opened, recording 25,189 points , with a decline of 1.02 points while the Nifty declined by 8.50 points at 7525.05 points.Yesterday the Sensex markets closed at 25,190.48 with decline of 0.15 percent and the Nifty too declined by 0.11 percent at 7,533.55 points.However, at 10.15 am, BSE index recorded 25,230.08 points with an incline of 38.91 points, while NSE index recorded 7,550.30 points with incline of 18.60 points.The early gainers:NameNameLast (INR)Last (INR)Change (INR)Change (INR)Percentage changePercentage changeNameDera Paints and Chemicals Ltd.Last (INR)8.62Change (INR)+2.42Percentage change+39.3NameGokak Textiles Ltd.Last (INR)49.35Change (INR)+8.20Percentage change+19.93NameBhagwati Autocast Ltd.Last (INR)68.75Change (INR)+9.75Percentage change+16.53NameSuper House Ltd.Last (INR)154.75Change (INR)+19.90Percentage change+14.76NameSakuma Exports Ltd.Last (INR)28.30Change (INR)+3.15Percentage change+12.52 Dera Paints and Chemicals Ltd.8.62+2.42+39.3 Super House Ltd.154.75+19.90+14.76 Ricoh India Ltd.172.80-43.20-20 Gokak Textiles Ltd.49.35+8.20+19.93 PFL InfoTech Ltd.484.45-53.80-10 NameLast (INR)Change (INR)Percentage change Bhagwati Autocast Ltd.68.75+9.75+16.53 NameLast (INR)Change (INR)Percentage change Fast moving consumer goods stocks (FMCG), Auto stocks and Healthcare stocks dipped by 18.36 points, 23.23 points and 29.26 points respectively on Tuesday. Meanwhile oil and gas, IT, Metals, Capital goods, Banking, Realty and Power stocks inclined.Foreign investors have helped Indian shares gain 23 percent, selling shares worth ₹1.94 billion on Monday after three days of buying, according to Reuters.Reserve Bank of India Governor Raghuram Rajan will hold a conference and speak about previous Congress-led government-appointed financial sector legislative Reforms Commission’s report, which has suggested taking away some functions from RBI like management of capital flows.Besides, Indian government will sell ₹150 billion worth of bonds on 20 June and RBI will auction ₹140 billion worth of treasury bills tomorrow, including ₹80 billion of 91 day and ₹60 billion of 182-day treasury bills, the Central bank said in a release.Besides, the Central Bank has approved the sale of 71 million new shares to Life Insurance Corporation of India at ₹71.83 each, with 7.6 percent discount to Monday’s closing price. Kano Tea & Industries92.60-9.40-9.22 Sakuma Exports Ltd.28.30+3.15+12.52last_img read more