Amnesty calls for accountability on coerced sterilization of Indigenous women

first_imgThe Canadian PressThe federal government needs to appoint a special representative to hear from Indigenous women coerced into being sterilized to learn what justice would look like for the survivors, says Amnesty International Canada.The human-rights organization, which plans to take the issue to the United Nations Committee Against Torture this month, insists there must be action from the federal government, the provinces and territories, and medical regulators.Many people are familiar with historic cases of coerced or forced sterilizations of Indigenous women in Canada, but Amnesty’s gender-rights campaigner, Jacqueline Hansen, said people are shocked to learn it’s still occurring.APTN Investigates reported on the issue in an award-winning episode in 2017.“It just shouldn’t be happening and those who have experienced this need to see justice,” Hansen said in an interview Monday.The issue of forced sterilization of Indigenous women has been on Amnesty International’s radar for some time, she added, pointing to a large body of work regarding the practice in Peru and the Americas.But she called it “deplorable” that reports indicate it is still happening in Canada, especially when the country has committed to reconciling its relationship with Indigenous Peoples.Coerced sterilization was raised at the UN in May when Canada’s entire human-rights record was up for review, Hansen said, noting she hopes the committee against torture will ensure Canada is accountable and compliant with international human rights obligations.Systemic bias against Indigenous women in policing is well-established and known, she added, and it also exists in the provision of health services to Indigenous people.Sen. Yvonne Boyer said Monday she welcomes Amnesty’s call for an outsider to examine the practice and collect data on its prevalence. She said she’s heard from Indigenous women in different parts of Canada who have suffered it.In 2017, Boyer produced a report with Metis physician and researcher Dr. Judith Bartlett detailing how Indigenous women were coerced into tubal ligations – the severing, burning or tying of the Fallopian tubes that carry eggs from the ovaries to the uterus – after childbirth in the Saskatoon Health Region.A class-action suit was launched the same year and about 60 women have joined it.“There’s lot of research that needs to be done,” Boyer said. “The report that Dr. Bartlett and I did was just a mere glimpse into the problem.”Boyer also said the special representative should be Indigenous and that the issue must be examined with an Indigenous framework.NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said Monday on Twitter that the sterilization of Indigenous women is a grave rights violation and he demanded the federal government immediately end what he called a dehumanizing and harmful practice in all corners of the country.In an interview last week, Indigenous Services Minister Jane Philpott said Canada must ensure the practice stops through policies, education and awareness-raising.“The issue of forced sterilization of vulnerable people, including Indigenous women, is a very serious violation of human rights,” she told The Canadian Press.In response to Philpott’s remarks, Hansen stressed the importance of accountability – making sure medical and child-welfare workers who bully unwilling women into life-changing surgeries are held responsible.“Yes, awareness-raising is important,” Hansen said. “Yes, policies are important. But there also is a piece around accountability … We want to make sure this just doesn’t happen again and for that to happen, there’s a number of jurisdictions that are involved.”last_img read more

Three more flu deaths reported in San Diego County

first_imgThree more flu deaths reported in San Diego County KUSI Newsroom Posted: December 12, 2018 Categories: Health, Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter December 12, 2018 SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Three deaths due to flu complications were confirmed in San Diego County last week, bringing this flu season’s death toll to five, county health officials announced Wednesday.According to the county Health and Human Services Agency, a 77-year- old woman died due to influenza B on Dec. 1, and a 49-year-old man died from influenza A complications on Dec. 4. The county also received a delayed report of an 80-year-old woman’s Oct. 15 death from influenza B. All three had additional health problems and had not received this flu season’s vaccination.At this time last year, the county had received four reports of flu- related deaths.“Influenza deaths are very unfortunate but serve as a reminder that the flu can be deadly, especially for at-risk populations,” said Dr. Wilma Wooten, the county’s public health officer. “Vaccination is the best protection against the flu. The vaccine is safe and effective and can help save lives.”Lab-confirmed influenza cases nearly doubled during the week of Dec. 2- 8 compared to the previous week, according to the county’s weekly flu report, which lists 199 flu cases vs. 102 the week before. The county has confirmed 650 flu cases so far this season, nearly half of the 1,083 reported cases at this time last year.Last flu season, 342 San Diego residents died due to flu complications. Most victims were 65 or older, had additional medical issues and did not receive the flu vaccination. The death toll was the highest since the county began tracking flu season data nearly 20 years ago.County health officials and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that everyone 6 months or older receive the flu vaccine every year. Health officials strongly advise the vaccination for people with a heightened risk of serious flu complications, like pregnant women, people older than 65 and people with chronic conditions like asthma and diabetes.County residents can get vaccinated at doctors’ offices, retail pharmacies, community clinics and the county’s public health centers. Residents can also call 2-1-1 or visit the county’s immunization program website,, for a list of county locations administering free vaccines. KUSI Newsroom, last_img read more

How Jack Mas Crazy Management Style Built a Technology Empire

first_img Register Now » 6 min read East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet.”–Rudyard KiplingMore than 100 years ago, Rudyard Kipling wrote those words before the world had shrunk back into a new Pangaea, reconnected by fiber-optic lines, global-supply chain networks and global brands.Alibaba and its kinetic leader Jack Ma have blended the best of Western and Chinese technologies, culture and management to create the world’s largest ecommerce company and perhaps soon to be biggest and most diversified global technology enterprise. The company’s Sept. 19 IPO raised more than $20 billion and gave Alibaba a market cap of $240 billion. It also made Jack Ma, already the richest man in China, one of the most wealthy men in the world with a net worth of more than $18 billion.Alibaba is not just an ecommerce company. While its three main platforms Taobao (a consumer-to-consumer company) Tmall (a business-to-consumer firm) and (a business-to-business operation) generated more than $250 billion in transactions and $7.9 billion in revenue in 2013 in China, the company also has interests in electronic payments, cloud computing, streaming entertainment, supply-chain infrastructure and investment funds. It is poised to expand its technology interests and platforms on a global basis.So how did a former English teacher from Hangzhou, known as “Crazy Ma” because of his unorthodox management philosophy, build one of the most valuable companies in the world in just 15 years? He did it by blending the best of Western and Eastern technologies, operational practices and management styles.The following are four elements of Ma’s management style that entrepreneurs and small-business owners can follow to build the next Alibaba.Related: How Alibaba’s Jack Ma Became the Richest Man in China1. Be like Forrest Gump.Jack Ma relates to the naive innocence with which the character Forrrest Gump approaches life. Ma watches his favorite film Forrest Gump over and over and over again. Indeed Ma never let himself get down, even when he made $15 a month as a teacher while supplementing his income peddling on the street.Nor did he become discouraged when KFC, a hotel and the police turned him down for jobs. He kept on believing that if someone sticks to his principles and works hard, anything was possible. Like Forest Gump, Ma has always seen the world and its possibilities almost as if through the eyes of a child, believing technology could be magic and life truly a box of chocolates — but one that a person never knows what he will get inside.Successful entrepreneurs do not let setbacks get them down and they see both what’s impossible and possible, but the difference is that they focus only on the possible.  Related: Is Competition a Catalyst for Innovation?2. Innovate on the shoulders of giants.Ma has consistently understood that  innovation is not always synonymous with invention. Like Steve Jobs, who did not invent the digital music player, and Bill Gates, who did not invent computer operation systems, Ma built his most successful properties on the foundations of what came before. For example eBay had long been established as the largest and most successful consumer-to-consumer ecommerce site in the world when Ma launched Taobao.What Ma did was adapt the concept specifically for China, knowing that culture, history, philosophy and mind-set were as important to success as functionality. That is why he included a real-time chat function on Taobao, so that buyers and sellers could build a relationship and trust and negotiate in real time. In China every transaction is personal.To be like Jack Ma, entrepreneurs should believe that pure invention is not necessary to be an innovator.3. Soar with eagles.Jack Ma has surrounded himself with the smartest and most capable and innovative executives and managers he could find. He never believed that he was an expert at everything and that as a founder he had earned the right to micromanage every aspect of his business. At a time when it was very unusual, Ma was open to bringing in foreign executives to further his goal of blending East and West.He also befriended Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo, and Masayoshi Son, chairman of Japanese telecom giant Softbank. Both were early investors in Alibaba and helped the company grow more quickly. Yahoo and Softbank were repaid handsomely on IPO day. Entrepreneurs need to let others have control and should do what is right for their business not their ego.4. Take your business but not yourself seriously.Ma has worked hard from Day 1 to build a unique culture at Alibaba. Yes that sounds like a cliché and old-fashioned management-speak, but it has proved to be one of the most important factors in Alibaba’s success.Ma has built a culture of participation, inclusion and fun. He exhibits high energy and is outspoken, fun loving and charming. He has ensured that all those personal traits have become company traits and is well known for singing karaoke with employees, holding company retreats for 15,000 (focused on fun not work) and dressing in outlandish outfits when addressing management.He has created an atmosphere such that Alibaba employees treat him like a combination of father figure, inspirational guru and band leader. The result is a super loyal, hardworking group of executives, managers and employees who would follow Ma to the ends of the Earth.It’s of paramount importance that entrepreneurs build a brand and culture simultaneously and not take themselves too seriously.None of this was an accident. Ma spent years studying Western culture, management concepts and successful businesses, took what he needed and left the rest. He combined that with his love and understanding of China’s culture and consumption habits to create an all-encompassing technology success that is positioned to become the first truly global Chinese brand.Ma has proved through his unique management style for Alibaba that East and West can meet and when they do something beautiful can come of it. Related: Who Knew? Charismatic Alibaba Founder Jack Ma Moonlights as a Singer (Video) Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. September 29, 2014last_img read more