Elon Musk is flirting with Mars on Twitter and its weird

first_img 2 I want you too baby https://t.co/Lxi0LQz5rc— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) February 8, 2019 Yes, this exchange has descended into the sort of thing 13-year-olds giggle about. Musk dropped one more flirty message, with what seems to be a reference to a questionable internet challenge that takes place in November. You’ll have to research that one yourself if you really want to know. 😅 thank goodness it’s not November https://t.co/ius8kAptiC— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) February 9, 2019 So Mars did, tweeting a kissy face emoji with a perspective view of Gale Crater and Mount Sharp culled from the Science Photo Library. NASA’s Curiosity rover is currently exploring the crater. Online Comments Tags Mars seems to be a humorous novelty account, dropping jokes about looking cute in a selfie and getting turned down for a date by Earth. CNET dropped Mars a message to ask about the account’s background. The person behind Mars says, “I’m only a simple university student.” Thought I looked cute in this pic. Might delete later. pic.twitter.com/updeat3OCl— Mars (@4thFromOurStar) February 5, 2019 We already know Elon Musk has a thing for Mars. He’s pushing the under-construction SpaceX Starship as the way to get humans to the Red Planet. It seems like Mars might be crushing right back after a strange and suggestive Twitter exchange Friday.An anonymous Twitter account named Mars (with the handle @4thFromOurStar) tweeted a message saying it wants only Elon to move to Mars, implying no other humans will do. Musk replied to the planet with, “I want you too baby.”center_img 41 weird objects seen on Mars, explained 43 Photos 😘 pic.twitter.com/PvM6Odf19y— Mars (@4thFromOurStar) February 9, 2019 Mars might be waiting a long time for Musk to show up. SpaceX is working on an initial test prototype of Starship and has been firing the Raptor rocket engine designed to take the spaceship into orbit and beyond. It might break Mars’ heart to learn SpaceX plans to go visit the moon first, and even that’s not scheduled until 2023. Here’s hoping the Red Planet isn’t the jealous type. Share your voice Send me hot pics & I’ll be right over 😉 https://t.co/ld2VDbF0Wh— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) February 9, 2019 Mars asked when Musk was coming over. He dropped a classic, but not classy, internet flirtation line: “Send me hot pics and I’ll be right over.” Elon Musk Space SpaceX Twitter NASA turns 60: The space agency has taken humanity farther than anyone else, and it has plans to go further.Taking It to Extremes: Mix insane situations — erupting volcanoes, nuclear meltdowns, 30-foot waves — with everyday tech. Here’s what happens.last_img read more

Burberry celebrates London in Los Angeles at Griffith Observatory

first_imgClose Burberry celebrated fashion, music and Britishness at an exclusive event staged at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles on 16 April.Guests included Cara Delevingne, Naomi Campbell and Jourdan Dunn, with live music performances from British acts including Tom Odell, Clare Maguire and Benjamin Clementine.The event also marks the launch of its new flagship store on Rodeo Drive opened in November.The event, hosted by Burberrys Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer Christopher Bailey, took place at the iconic venue in Griffith Park marking the first time a British luxury brand has used the location to celebrate Los Angeles and its communities.It is an incredible honour and a huge privilege to be able to bring a little bit of Burberrys hometown of London to such an iconic venue in the heart of Los Angeles. Griffith Observatory is a truly inspiring place and I would like to thank the City for allowing us to host our event there, said Bailey.To celebrate the opening of the brands flagship and the Griffith Observatory event, Burberry is working with the non-profit group Friends Of The Observatory (Foto) on a series of funded projects over the next two years.last_img read more

Japan univ to set up ninja studies centre

first_imgA Japanese university is planning what it says will be the world’s first research centre devoted to ninja — the black clad assassins known for secrecy and stealth.While mostly confined to history books and fiction, ninja have been enjoying something of a resurgence as Japanese authorities increasingly deploy them to promote tourism ahead of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.Now, Mie University in central Japan — the region considered the home of the feudal martial arts masters — has announced that a ninja research facility will be established in July.It plans to compile a database of ninja and encourage cooperation between scholars from different disciplines who study ninja, according to Yuji Yamada, a professor of Japanese history at the university.”We’ll conduct research on ancient documents and collaborate with science researchers to be able to apply the wisdom of ninja to modern society,” Yamada, who is setting up the centre, told AFP on Thursday.”For instance, ninja burnt Japanese incense before going out to avoid evil things.”We assume the incense could boost concentration and thus ninja could avoid injuries,” he said, adding that research on such fragrances might prove useful in today’s world.The facility will be located in Iga — 350 kilometres (220 miles) southwest of Tokyo — a mountain-shrouded city that was once home to many ninja.Yamada also said that the centre plans to publish its research in English and well as Japanese so as to make it accessible for interested researchers and fans overseas.Amid the ongoing ninja boom, Aichi prefecture last year began hiring full-time ninja, including a foreigner, to promote tourism in the area known for historic Nagoya castle.In 2015, governors and mayors from prefectures around the country traded their usual suits for ninja costumes to announce the launch of a “ninja council”.last_img read more

Baltimores PRAISE School Strives for Academic Excellence Cultural Awareness in Minority Youth

first_img(Updated October 16, 2014) In 2006, a small group of dedicated educators began meeting on Saturdays with minority middle school-aged boys at Sojourner Douglass College in east Baltimore.This small group was the beginnings of the Paul Robeson Academic International School of Excellence, or PRAISE, a Saturday college-readiness and manhood development program designed for a population often generalized as at-risk without respect to individual behaviors or achievements.Now housed at the Johns Hopkins School of Education, PRAISE was founded by Dr. LaMarr Shields, who was inspired to do so by his work as a reader and pitch man to students of color for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Gates Millennium Scholars program. The Gates program provides full scholarships for the entire length of university study at any school of the recipient’s choosing.“When I saw these smart brown boys from all over the country, from New York, to L.A., to Chicago, we [PRAISE] . . . created a college readiness model, to prepare them for college,” Shields told the AFRO during a recent visit to PRAISE program. “But [PRAISE is] also about manhood—manhood development.”PRAISE works to ensure that its students, consisting entirely of Black and Latino males, are prepared to succeed in college when they graduate high school.“We don’t accept the bare minimum,” said Mary Missouri, director of PRAISE and formerly an assistant principal at St. Francis Academy for 14 years. “There’s no back row here.”Academics are heavily emphasized, but so is developing a strong sense of self within the context of understanding of one’s history.“We want to make sure that these young boys have instilled in them the values, principles that are necessary in order to navigate this world, even in the face of injustice, even in the face of people treating them as less than,” said Missouri. “They need to understand that that’s not what you need to subscribe to and that you need to elevate your own standards.”In order to achieve this, PRAISE infuses its educational development programs with Afro-Caribbean perspectives, imparting not just academic skills, but also a broader cultural and historical awareness that is often lacking in Baltimore area public schools.For Tyrek Wynn, currently a senior at Pikesville High School, it is that sense of self that has meant the most to him.“The biggest impact for me from being in here would probably be getting more in tune with my culture, my past, my people I would say,” said Wynn. “Instead of just going about my business, actually learning about our journey so far through life, the things we’ve experienced.”Kennedy Huddleston, now in his third year as an instructor with PRAISE after 15 years as a science and English teacher at St. Francis Academy, said getting the young men to appreciate that they are part of an intentional journey is central to PRAISE’s mission.“A lot of them don’t even know that they’re walking a path, they think that life is [just] happening, so our job is ‘no, no, no, really you’re actually walking a path,’ consciously or unconsciously,” Huddleston said. “So how you walk that path is either going to make it difficult, or going to make it easy.”Like some other education based programs in Baltimore—LIFTT, or the Youth Resiliency Institute, for example—PRAISE also emphasizes parental involvement. While the only costs for the students is a small initial registration fee, parents are asked to support PRAISE’s work in ways other than financial, by attending eight once-a-month sessions that run for two hours each and are described by Shields as “very intense.”“It’s not just about educating the child,” said Missouri, “we try to educate the family members as well. Give the parents tools in their tool boxes [for] how to help their little Brown and Black boys navigate this society.”ralejandro@afro.comlast_img read more