TRAGEDY Bernd and Reinhard Methe die in car accident

Handball loses perhaps the best referees. One of the most famous handball referees, the Bernd and Reinhard Methe brothers lost their lives in a tragic car accident near Balingen where they were headed to referee the match against Magdeburg. They were among the best referees in Europe, and they refereed the final of Euro 2010 in Austria between France and Croatia. For two years in a row, they were voted the best referees in Bundesliga. ← Previous Story Robert Markotic stays in NEXE until 2015! Next Story → Igor Vori about last EHF F4 and Croatia: London is the TOP of career – “Empty” in Koln read more

Larvik HK signs Alma Hasanic

← Previous Story Costa Rica and Nicaragua win Central-American Games Next Story → Rakcevic and Vugrinec two more years in Skopje Norwegian TOP team and one of the biggest forces in the European handball, Larvik HK has signed contract with goalkeeper Alma Hasanic (24). Hasanic is coming from Norwegian team Glassverket, currently seventh in the championship. She had experience of playing for Youth and Junior NT. In Larvik will try to fight for the place between the posts with Leganger and Rampala.She will stay in Larvik at least until larvik hk Alma Hasanichandball transferLarvik HK read more

Ana Gros to stay at Metz

Ana Groshandballmetz ← Previous Story Kielce “4 of 4” against Wisla! Next Story → SG Flensburg with new Danish goalkeeper – Kevin Møller Slovenian right back Ana Gros extends contract with the best French team – Metz Handball. Current leader and the champion who played at Women’s EHF Champions League this season has a faith in lefthanded player who played also in Krim Mercator, Gyor and German Thuringer, before she came to France in January…

Romanians waiting 22 years for EHF EURO Handball is our national sport

← Previous Story Austrian come-back in Sarajevo! Next Story → Heidi Loke is pregnant! Xavi Pascual put Romania on fire! Spanish coach began his adventure with Romanian national team in classy style with two wins over Belarus in Minsk and Poland in Cluj – 28:23. That gives Romanian a lot of chances to qualify for the Men’s EHF EURO 2018 in Croatia after 22 years of absence from the European stage.Romania – Poland 28-23 (11-9)Popescu, Irimuş, Cîntec 4, Mocanu 5, Ramba 5, Mihalcea, Ghionea 1, Sadoveac 1, Negru, Csepreghi 4, Lazăr, Rotaru 1, Fenici, Pavel 3, Criciotoiu 3, Stamate 1.Szaml, Wyszomirski, Dacko 2, K. Lijewski 3, Lyzwa, Jachlewski 2, Bielecki 5, Kus 1, Jurkiewicz 3, Syprzak 1, Daszek 1, Gebala, Przybylski 1, Paczkowski 2, Gierak, Gebala 2.President of Romanian Handball Federation Alexandru Dedu praises everything linked with last EHF week in talk for beat Poland, the bronze medal winners from Qatar and fourth at Olympics in Rio. It’s an incredible result and we are first in perhaps the toughest group. We don’t what the outcome will be, but I have great confidence in these boys. Tomorrow is another day, but we work that every Romanian can be proud of handball – national sport!Belarus beat Serbia 36:27 in front of 4.500 fans in Serbian city of Nis for complete madness in the group.STANDINGS:Romania 4Belarus 2Serbia 2Poland 0 handballRomanian handball read more

Granollers Cup 2017 – Summer in the city where handball is like

Handball summer in one of the cities where handball is like a religion? Teams who attended Granollers Cup in the past already know it, but call stays open for all those who wants to feel fantastic experience of playing handball in the most “handballic” environment in Spain.Granollers Cup is one the most important tournaments around the world. Every year the number of participants in the competition increases getting up to 375 teams from 20 different countries and more than 5.400 players in the last edition (1.156 games and 34.479 goals).Teams from all the world have been playing at Granollers Cup: Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium Bosnia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, South Korea, China, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Faroe Islands, France, Finland, Germany, Guatemala, Hungary, Iceland, Italia Letonia, Lithuania, India, Kenia, Macedonia, Mexico, Moldavia, Nigeria, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Romania, Scotland, Serbia, Slovenia, Taiwan, Tunisia, Uruguay, Venezuela… ← Previous Story VIDEO: TOP 30 goals of VELUX EHF Champions League Year 2016 Next Story → Hungary win Olympic Hopes U17 Tournament in Prague Edition 2017 is ready (June 28 – July 2). It’s time for you to apply!  ALEVIN (born in 2005-2006)IM  INFANTIL (born in 2003-2004)CM  CADETE (born in 2001-2002)JM  JUVENIL (born in 1999-2000)JUM  JUNIOR (born in 1996-97-98)GIRLSAF  ALEVÍN (born in 2005-2006)IF  INFANTIL (born in 2003-2004)CF  CADETE (born in 2001-2002)JF  JUVENIL (born in 1999-2000)JUF  JUNIOR (born in 1996-97-98) read more

Ortegas Japan with only two players with European experience

← Previous Story Syprzak and Wyszomirski to miss France 2017! Next Story → Ortega and Walther calls to Masters Handball World Cup Antonio Carlos Ortega made a great job with qualification for the World Championship 2017 in France with Japanese team. The Asian squad consisted of only two players from European teams, will try to give a good resistance to the favorites in Group A, but also to gather worthy experience at the start of the Olympic cycle which will be concluded with tournament on home soil in Tokyo in 2020.Japan will begin the 2017 World Championship against Russia, on January 12th at Nantes’ Hall XXL, where they will play their four other group A games. Japan will face the host nation, France, on January 13th, and will then play against Brazil (January 15th), Poland (January 17th) and finally Norway (January 19th).The list of 19Goalkeepers : Masatake Kimura (Osaki Electric), Akihito Kai (Toyota Auto Body), Takayuki Shimuzu (Wakunaga Phamaceutical)Field players : Goki Koshio (Toyoda Gosei), Rémi Feutrier (Chambéry), Hiroki Shida (Osaki Electric), Toru Takeda (Toyoda Gosei), Kohei Narita (Wakunaga Phamaceutical), Kento Uegaki (Osaki Electric), Yuto Agarie (Daido Steel), Atsushi Mekaru (Angel Ximenez), Kairi Kochi (Toyota Auto Body), Shinnosuke Tokuda (University of Tsukuba), Jin Watanabe (Toyota Auto Body), Hiroki Motoki (Osaki Electric), Takashi Kato (Daido Steel), Jun Mori (Osaki Electric), Daichi Komuro (Osaki Electric), Hiroyasu Tamakawa (Kokushikan University) read more

The 5 at 5 Tuesday

first_imgEVERY WEEKDAY EVENING, brings you up to speed just as you’re heading for the door…1. #COUNCILS: Phil Hogan has announced the largest shake-up of local councils since the foundation of the State. Town councils will be merged into county council under the new plans, with councillors elected to ‘municipal areas’ which will join together at county level. The total number of councils will go from 114 to just 31.2. #COURTS: Joe O’Reilly has applied for legal aid to bring a new appeal against his conviction for murdering his wife Rachel in 2004. Meanwhile, the Court of Criminal Appeal has quashed the murder conviction of a man who was convicted of murdering his brother two years ago, and ordered a retrial.3. #UNITED IRELAND: Enda Kenny has resisted calls from Gerry Adams to hold a poll in border areas on whether Ireland should be reunited. Kenny told the Dáil that economic matters took precedence over looking to have the North reunited with the Republic.4. #ABORTION: The operators of Ireland’s first private abortion clinic, set to open in Belfast on Thursday, has urged people not to organise counter-demonstrations outside its premises. Marie Stopes International says it’s been working with police to ensure safe access to the premises amid pro-life protests, and asks that pro-choice groups not inflame the situation by holding any rallies of their own.5. #PAINTINGS: Seven paintings, each worth millions, have been stolen from a Dutch museum in one of the largest art robberies in modern history. Masterpieces by Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Claude Monet, Lucian Freud, Paul Gauguin, and Meyer de Haan were taken from the Kunsthal museum in Rotterdam overnight.last_img read more

The 9 at 9 Saturday

first_imgEVERY MORNING, brings you the nine stories you need to know as you kick off your day.1. #PENALTY POINTS: The Irish Examiner says the Public Accounts Committee is receiving legal advice after ‘a box of evidence’ came into their possession which is believed to suggest there was further widespread abuse of the penalty points system.2. #RSA: An investigation at RSA Insurance Ireland has begun after three of its executives, including its CEO Philip Smith, were suspended yesterday after an audit revealed a hole in the books of €83 million, reports RTE.3. #PHILIPPINES: The BBC reports that the typhoon in the Philippines has killed more than 100 people.4. #RESCUE: The heatwave over the summer months led to a 34 cent surge in Coast Guard call-outs.5. #BERTIE AHERN: The former Taoiseach was assaulted by a man wielding a crutch last night as he attended a retirement party for a friend in the Sean O’Casey pub in Dublin, reports the Irish Independent. It is believed he was not injured in the incident and the man was subsequently arrested.6. #HUMAN RIGHTS: Women who were made travel to the UK to terminate unviable pregnancies are to bring their case to the United Nations.7.#PLAGIARISM: A report into alleged plagiarism at Galway Mayo Institute of Technology, which cost €350,000, will be considered next week, reports RTE.8. #DISAPPEARED: The daughter of murdered Jean McConville wants the murder of her mother to be treated by the governments in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland as a ‘war crime’ reports the Irish Independent.9. #WINTER PREPARATIONS: Following the cold snaps of 2009 and 2010, Dublin City Council said it has approximately 2,200 tonnes of salt, an increase from 1,700 tonnes in 2010, in preparation for this year’s icy winter conditions.last_img read more

Obama He no longer belongs to us He belongs to the ages

first_imgSpeaking from the White House, he said the anti-apartheid leader had achieved “more than could be expected of any man”.“Today he has gone home,” Obama said. “He no longer belongs to us. He belongs to the ages.”America’s first black president mourned Mandela as a “profoundly good” man who “took history in his hands and bent the arc of the moral universe towards justice”.“We will not likely see the like of Nelson Mandela again,” Obama said, hailing the leader for his “fierce dignity and unbending will to sacrifice his own freedom for the freedom of others”.Includes reporting from AFP.Read: South African Government confirms death of Nelson MandelaRead: Taoiseach: ‘A great light has been extinguished’ YouHotNews)US PRESIDENT BARACK Obama has paid tribute to his personal political hero, following the death, aged 95, of former South African leader Nelson Mandela.last_img read more

Dementia sufferers inadequately assessed in Irish hospitals

first_imgTHE FIRST NATIONAL audit into the quality of dementia care in Ireland is to be published today.The report, conducted last year through an audit of 35 acute hospitals across the country, with researchers interviewing senior hospital managers and geriatricians; directly observing the environment/ interviewing the clinical nurse managers of 77 wards, and reviewing 660 healthcare records of people with dementia who had been admitted to the hospitals.The audit showed differences in the access to dementia-relevant services between hospitals, with poor access to many diagnostic and support services.The audit also found there was “inadequate assessment of cognition, delirium, mood, and behavioural and psychological symptoms in people with dementia during their admission”.It found that the average stay for a person admitted to hospital with dementia who was discharged to a nursing home was 59 days, compared to 22 days for people who were sent home.It also said that only 69 per cent of hospital wards had minimum staffing levels, that none used colour schemes to help those with dementia find their way around and that Ireland has no set standard for dementia care.Other findings included a lack of clocks or toilet signs and a lack of explanation of schedules and procedures on wards.The audit was carried out by The Centre for Gerontology and Rehabilitation, UCC, The Centre for Ageing, Neuroscience and the Humanities, Trinity Centre for Health Sciences, Tallaght Hospital Dublin and the HSE Quality and Patient Safety Directorate.It recommends a standardised treatment period, procedures to prevent and treat delirium and better training for staff.Column: ‘The plans we made together are gone now, Alzheimer’s is a most horrifying illness’Read: Dementia set to triple by 2050 as disease labelled “global epidemic”last_img read more

8 absolutely mortifying things youre cringing about right now

first_imgWE’RE JUST GOING to apologise in advance, because you’re about to nigh on injure yourself from all the cringing. Sorry.Now, allow us to set the scene. Remember….That time you sent a text to the person the text was aboutJust burn your phone. Then in five or six years, when the mortification has abated, you can start to live again. Source: AwesomegifsWhen you waved at someone who wasn’t the person you thought they were“Oh look, there’s Aisling… HIYA AISLING” *waves*Nope, that’s not Aisling. That’s a stranger. Pretend you were fixing your hair. Nobody will notice a thing. Source: ImgurThat one time you woke yourself up with a fartIt’s okay if you’re alone, but remember that one time you jolted awake to find your significant other staring at you in horror over the top of their book?Yes, that time. Source: ImgurAll of those times you tripped up in publicAnytime, anywhere, anyhow this happens, you will NEVER be able to make it ok.Stop fantasising about people thinking it was cute when you fell, or how funny your recovery was, you’re not Jennifer Lawrence and you never will be. Source: ImgurThat time you put your iPod on shuffle at a supercool party and Michael Bublé’s Crooning Classics came onNot that there’s another wrong with Michael Bublé’s Crooning Classics, just not at a supercool party when you were hoping for Jay Z or Alt J. Source: ImgurDuring your schooldays when you called the teacher “mammy”You’re amongst friends now. Source: ImgurAll of those times you tried  to get out of the lift on the wrong floorIf there’s one thing worse than having to share a lift with a stranger, it’s making a move to get out when it’s not your floor, and having to shuffle back in muttering to yourself. Source: ImgurThat time you thought it was safe to ‘let go’ in the office bathrooms, but it wasn’tSomebody just HAD to walk in at the wrong time, didn’t they? Source: Imgur Source: ImgurGot any more heartstoppingingly cringey moments? Share them in the comments section, and be amongst your brethren…The heartbreaking reality of trying to buy Garth Brooks online> 9 parents spectacularly embarrassing their children on Facebook>6 hashtags we need to stop using right now>last_img read more

Schmidt targets England at Twickenham as Triple Crown looms large

first_imgIRELAND COACH JOE SCHMIDT allowed himself a moment to ponder Ireland’s first Triple Crown in five years but is refusing to countenance title talk after witnessing his side shred Wales 26-3.The New Zealander masterminded his first Test triumph over compatriot Warren Gatland as Ireland’s superior maul and breakdown saw the reigning champions annihilated at the Aviva Stadium. With victory over Scotland already in the Six Nations satchel, a win away to England in two weeks would see meaningful silverware secured for the first time since the 2009 Grand Slam.Schmidt said, “To be honest, I’m not going to think too far ahead. We’re going to get together in Clonmel for a couple of days with the core of the squad and try to review what we’ve done in the first couple of weeks and plot a course going forward to Twickenham. That’s obviously a massive game. I think they were very unlucky [against France] last week. The fact is, Yoann Huget was being a fantastic player and gave the French an early lead and then Gael Fickou finished it off at the end. The French were resilient but England dominated long periods of that game. They will be incredibly hard to beat at Twickenham.”Wales coach Warren Gatland admitted, post-match, that his team had been thoroughly beaten by the better side but did express his surprise that Ireland won through forwards-dominated rugby that is not the Joe Schmidt trademark. The former Leinster coach admitted the weather played a key role in his team’s preparations. He said, “The forecast today was awful and we felt that if there was an area we could be accurate at, it would be in the maul, nice and tight, and that we’d have to work fairly hard; putting the ball in with little risk.“We preconceived a few tactics on the basis of a weather forecast that didn’t eventuate but we decided to stick with the tactics we had.” Luckily for Ireland they decided to stick with the rolling maul of lineout claims as their two tries came about from the set-piece move.Ireland also dominated at the breakdown and Schmidt declared that zone was one of many that his team looked to exploit. “I wouldn’t say we targeted it but it was an area that we wanted to make sure we were very good at,” he said. “I think Peter O’Mahony, particularly, but Rory Best, too, put pressure on, as well as Gordon D’Arcy.” The Kiwi was well aware, however, that Gethin Jenkins, Sam Warburton and Dan Lydiate were well short of top level match practice and ripe for a harrying.O’Connell and Schmidt enjoyed the return of the green microphone. INPHO/Colm O’NeillOne of the only blemishes of Ireland’s game was some errand kicking out of hand from Jonny Sexton, who limped off with a shin injury but should be fine to feature against England. Schmidt chose to focus on two penalty kicks to touch ‘where he carved off 50 metres’ rather than a simple effort from the out-half that was easily pouched by Leigh Halfpenny.“I also think Jonny defended really strongly,” the coach added. “There was one time towards the end when he did get taken off [the ball]. He hit the guy back in the tackle, dragged him back a little further and brought a bit of physicality.” Schmidt joked Sexton was under pressure to make amends with that tackle ‘as he’s our biggest back’.By this stage last year, Ireland had lost six senior players to injury and suspension. Ireland must do without lock Dan Tuohy [fractured arm] for the remainder of the tournament but Schmidt should be able to call on either Mike McCarthy or Iain Henderson to fill the breach. Luke Fitzgerald, Eoin Reddan, Simon Zebo, Richardt Strauss and Tommy Bowe will also be hoping to force themselves into the reckoning for the England game.Schmidt was asked, with the final question of the briefing, if his message was finally getting across to his new team. “Not really, to be honest,” Schmidt responded. “One of the great things about this team is that, as Paul O’Connell alluded to it before, there is kind of a melting pot of ideas. We try to galvanise exactly which [plans and plays] are going to be the important ones for the weekend. We prioristise our training load as a result… I have to say, a lot of what we do is player driven and it is great to have a group that drives themselves.”As it happened: Ireland v Wales, Six NationsOut of 10: How Ireland rated in today’s Six Nations clash with Waleslast_img read more

The 11 people you will ALWAYS meet at the gym

first_imgIF YOU ARE an avid gym-goer you’ve probably spotted the kind of people you see coming in and out of your local leisure centre.Here are the kinds of characters you’ll ALWAYS run into. No matter how much you try not to.1. The muscle manImage via Shutterstock If you see a man who has shoulders as broad as The Hulk and a similarly surly attitude do not worry.This is the muscle man and he is in the gym for one reason. To stay super muscly.Most likely chugging a protein shake every 3 seconds and grunting needlessly for the duration of the workout, this lot are marking their territory with every weight lifted.Bonus points if they’re wearing a muscle belt.2. The would-be expert Image via Shutterstock If someone who clearly doesn’t work at your gym appears to offer you “helpful advice” then just smile and try not to engage them too long.The would-be expert will be bending you ear with magazine-learned fitness lingo.If you are genuinely worried you’re possibly doing some kind of damage to your glutes / thighs / lower earlobe than just speak to someone whose job it actually is to tell you these things.You wouldn’t listen to some stranger in a bar telling you weren’t drinking your pint correctly would you? Exactly.3. The cheeky InstagrammerIf you see anyone taking a selfie/Instagramming their thighs in those giant gym mirrors, you have our full permission to eye-roll and/or tut loudly.4. Girls who wear make-up in the gymImage via Shutterstock It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, you can go as full-on as you want with your workout.But why is there always that one glammed up lady trying to break a sweat with a full painted face?First of all, you look vastly overdone and surely all that exertion will only mess up the foundation anyway?We say, leave the makeup off and allow yourself a time off from being highly glamorous. You deserve it.5. The socialiserImage via Shutterstock This is the person who spends more time having long, intense chats beside the weights then doing any actual work.Sure, the gym can be surprisingly social but there’s no point going there just to have a long chat with someone while standing around in a tracksuit.How unglamorous.6. The aqua aerobics fansIf you enjoy swimming as part of you varied workout program then you’ve probably run into the aqua aerobics crew.Aqua aerobics is basically an aerobics class in the (wait for it) but it seems endlessly popular in most gyms that also have pools.Which is all well and good but should you want to get a good Ryan Lochte-beating swim in we reckon you avoid it when they’re around.Even with your own dedicated lane you’ll find yourself rocking back and forth by the combined action of 20 plus older ladies jumping up and down in the water.Very disconcerting.(And should you try it out, don’t end up like this lady.)JonStar1 / YouTube7. The excessive sweaterImage via Shutterstock There’s nothing to be ashamed about if you work up a sweat exercising. But you HAVE to wipe any sweat you leave on the machine. Seriously.The most grating gym goers are those that don’t have the consideration to a little damage control on excess sweat.8. Inappropriate outfit wearers Image via Shutterstock These are the people in the outfits too skimpy or ill-fitting that insist on baring flesh for all to see while working out.This also includes people who look like they’ve come in to exercise in their day clothes.So, people who wear their jeans while lifting weights, we see you.See also: overly muscly guys wearing super-skimpy vests and verging on a Janet Jackson Superbowl moment. No nip slips please.9. Leery menThere is one leery dude making (mostly) the women in the gym in the comfortable.They’re the ones who’ll make some people feel a bit too exposed while going on the leg press.If you know a gym leerer than please take them aside and tell them to stop.And if you are reading this and fond of a leer, you stop that right now.10: Steam room devotees Image via ShutterstockThe people who spend very little time exercising but intense amounts of time in the steam room, making inordinate amounts of huffing and puffing noises, as if sitting in a hot room for 20 minutes is burning calories.11. Changing room nightmaresImage via ShutterstockOh dear, oh dear, oh dear. There a few kinds of changing room nightmares. The people who really don’t seem to have any sense that they are in fact changing in a room. With other people. Also changing.The first you’ll spot are those who insist on being naked at all times.Look, we’re all beautiful, but there’s no need to be ambling around the changing room with your genitals flying free the whole time.Secondly, the people who decide to dye their hair / brush their teeth / shave every inch of themselves at the shower and sinks are always noticeable.Whatever happened to keeping certain rituals private?Thirdly, there are the people who think that hair dryers are in fact, all-over-body dryers.We’ve all seen someone use a hair dryer to dry every inch of their body. Yes including their bits. Shudder.How to get your waxwork done (as modelled by One Direction)>Finally! A tablet computer that’s ‘just for women’>last_img read more

Murder investigation opened after man 41 dies in Belfast

first_imgA MAN HAS been arrested following the death of a male in Belfast in the early hours of this morning.Detectives from PSNI Serious Crime Branch said they have launched a murder investigation following the death of a 41-year-old man in the Chamberlain Street area of east Belfast this morning.A 33-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder and is in custody helping police with their inquiries.Police were contacted following reports of a serious assault shortly after 1am in an alleyway off Chamberlain Street, and a man was found unconscious in the alleyway. He was taken by ambulance to the Royal Victoria Hospital where he later died from his injuries.Detectives are now appealing for anyone who was in the Newtownards Road/Chamberlain Street area between 1am and 1.30am and who may have noticed any suspicious activity to contact them at Musgrave on 0845 600 8000.Information can be given anonymously to the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111last_img read more

These signs will help the Coast Guard get to people more quickly

first_imgOften time is the enemy when it’s comes to coastal emergencies, we need to get to the location of the casualty as soon as possible and not lose time trying to find where they were last seen. In the case of tourists visiting an area they may not be aware of the correct name of the area they’re in, even locals trying to describe what part of Dollymount beach they’re on can be difficult.“The new signs will help the emergency services with that response,” he explained.Remember if see someone in trouble on the beach, cliff or water act quickly and call that Coast Guard at 112 right away.Read: Semi-conscious man rescued from Howth cliffs in dawn call-out>Video and photos: Coast Guard rescues a dog at Howth cliff> THE FIRST PHASE of a safety sign roll-out in Dublin Bay was launched yesterday with 31 signs being displayed along the north Dublin coastline at ring buoys and bathing shelters.Each of the signs will have its location displayed to improve efficiency of emergency service response when they receive an urgent call for help.The Coast Guard said a problem often encountered by teams is knowing where the exact location of an emergency.Colin Murray, Area Officer, Irish Coast Guard station at Howth commented:last_img read more

Attacks on foreigners in Germany rise by 20

first_imgTHE NUMBER OF attacks against foreigners in Germany rose 20% last year to the highest level since 2006, government figures show.There were 473 xenophobic attacks in 2013, up from 393 the previous year, including three attempted homicides, according to the country’s annual report on extremist activity.Asylum and immigrantsGermany’s top security official, Thomas de Maiziere, expressed concern that far-right extremists were using the rise in asylum applications to incite hatred against foreigners. The country recently agreed to double the number of Syrians it takes in to 20,000 and is also seeing an overall rise in immigrants.Germany’s annual report on domestic radicalism found a small drop in members of far-right extremists to 21,700 from 22,150. But the number of far-right extremists considered potentially violent remained stable at 9,600 people.Far-right parties in Germany have become recently emboldened, benefiting from recent court rulings that removed hurdles to entering local assemblies and the European Parliament. Last month the far-right National Democratic Party won its first seat in the European Parliament. On the same day another party, calling itself The Right, gained a seat in the local assembly of the western city of Dortmund.Security services say The Right, which more than tripled its membership to 500 last year, is trying to use parliamentary privileges to avoid being banned.ExtremistsThe report counted 27,700 far-left extremists, some 6,900 of whom were considered potentially violent.Both figures constituted a drop from the previous year, when there were 29,400 and 7,100 respectively.Germany has also seen a rising number of Salafists, a fundamentalist Islamic movement, from 4,500 to 5,500 over the past year.Domestic intelligence chief Hans-Georg Maassen says Salafists constitute the greatest potential terrorism threat in Germany.Read: ‘Shocking’ racist messages to be removed immediately from N7>last_img read more

Soprano sacked from opera for posting antigay comments on her Facebook page

first_imgMs Iveri has unreservedly apologised for those comments and views. Opera Australia believes the views as stated to be unconscionable.In a Facebook post on Saturday, Iveri blamed her husband for the offensive comments made. She said he was “deeply religious” and has a “tough attitude towards gay people”.“He copied my text, changed it considerably and posted it under my name,” she said.“You might imagine that I was not happy with that at all and I immediately deleted it when I saw the text about half an hour later.This text does not express my own opinion. I’m afraid it was too late and the text was already spreading in the internet.Iveri made her debut at the 2004 Salzburg Festival and has performed at Metropolitan Opera, Houston Grand Opera, Arena di Verona and L’Opera Bastille.Sydney is home to a colourful gay pride parade which attracts thousands of visitors each year.- © AFP, 2014Read: British  newspaper reviewers accused of ‘fat-shaming’ Irish opera singer > Read: Workers risk ‘losing their jobs’ because of transphobia and homophobia > Source: Joel Meares/Twitter Source: Martin Foley/Twitter “Opera Australia has reached agreement with Ms Iveri to immediately release her from her contract with the company,” the company said in a statement today. Time for @OperaAustralia to investigate & act on serious questions this ugly matter raises Its about decency & rights— Martin Foley (@MartinFoleyMP) June 21, 2014center_img .@OperaAustralia made the right call, and the only call. No room for hate in our House.— Joel Meares (@joelmeares) June 23, 2014 LEADING SOPRANO TAMAR Iveri has had her contract torn up by Opera Australia for “unconscionable” anti-gay comments posted on her Facebook page that sparked a storm of protest.The Georgian referred to homosexuals as “fecal masses” in reacting to a gay pride march in Tblisi.“I was quite proud of the fact how Georgian society spat at the parade … please, stop vigorous attempts to bring West’s ‘fecal masses’ in the mentality of the people by means of propaganda,” said the post, which was later taken down.The comments, made 18 months ago, sparked a backlash in Australia, culminating as Iveri was due to perform the role of Desdemona in Verdi’s Otello from July 5 at the Sydney Opera House.Many people threatened to boycott the company or cancel their subscriptions if they continued to employ her, while lashing out at Opera Australia on social media for not taking a tougher stance. Ms Iveri and her husband have both made public statements in the last 48 hours with regards to comments attributed to Ms Iveri.last_img read more

Netflix looking to launch international streaming in 2011

first_imgNetflix has just entered the streaming Canadian market, but their success there has been so stirring that the popular video rental and streaming company is planning to roll their services out internationally.Speaking with a reporter during a recent interview, Steve Swasey, a Netflix spokesman announced that after the service’s successful launch in Canada, the company is looking to expands its services into other countries in 2011.“After a short period in Canada we’re now talking about other regions in the world, so that’s a good indicator,” Swasey said. We’re extremely pleased with the reception in Canada and … based on the early success of we’re going to continue our international expansion next year and we’re going to allocate significant dollars to it.”No wonder. Netflix is already slurping up most of the prime time American web’s broadband pipe. It’s a popular service, and the rest of the world is twitching to get in on it.Netflix has also apparently learned some lessons from the Canadian launch, especially in regards to the limited selection available to our northern neighbors. “The one lesson learned in Canada, because we’re new and because there was that one little complaint about new releases,” Swasey explained, “is we’re going to be very proactive in announcing when we have new titles … we’re going to be more focused on specific titles as we announce them in Canada.”Read more at CBClast_img read more

Sony to rerelease some PSP games on new PSP 2 carts

first_imgWhen the PSPgo was released without a media drive, you can understand gamers being a little upset that all the games on UMD were not compatible. If you wanted to play them on a PSPgo, you had to buy the games again even if you still owned the UMD version.With the announcement of the PSP 2, it was clear there wouldn’t be any backwards compatibility with PSP games. Sony has dropped the UMD drive and replaced it with a cartridge slot.AdChoices广告But that doesn’t seem to be the end of PSP games. Sony is looking to release as many games as it can from the PSP line-up on PSN as it has already been doing for a while. That allows PSP 2 owners to download and play them. There’s another alternative, though, which Sony hadn’t mentioned until now: there are plans afoot to re-release select PSP games on the new cartridge format.What this means is we may see a special range of PSP Classics titles appear for the PSP 2 at a budget price point. Sony isn’t saying anything about gamers who already own these games on UMD, which can only be interpreted as: you will need to buy them again.Read more at Andriasanglast_img read more