Car battery thief sentenced to community service

first_imgA vagrant was ordered to do community service after he appeared in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan and admitted to a simple larceny charge.Jermain Josiah is accused of stealing one car battery valued $20,000; the property of Troy Samuels.The court heard that on May 7, 2018, while in the Stabroek area, Josiah, who is known to the Virtual Complainant was seen removing the battery from where Samuels usually operates a small business.The battery was used to light a bulb at a stall where Samuels plies his trade as a wholesale groceries vendor.After making inquiries about the missing battery, the VC later learnt that it was Josiah who took it into his possession.The matter was reported, and Josiah was subsequently arrested.The man pleaded guilty to the charge and was subsequently ordered to perform four weeks of community service. Failure to pay the fine will result in him serving four weeks in prison. He told the Magistrate that he will proceed with the community service.last_img read more

Greece to claim stolen antique vases on sale in London

first_imgGreece’s culture ministry on Thursday said it would seek to reclaim two “stolen” 2,300-year-old antique vases recently put on sale in London.”Two marble funerary vessels, made by Classical-era Attic workshops, were recently put on sale at the Frieze Masters art exhibit in London,” the ministry said in a statement.”They are a lekythos (oil vase) depicting a funerary procession and a loutrophoros (water vase) with carved decoration, dating from the 4th century BCE,” it said.”These two Greek antiquities are already being claimed by the culture ministry, which will continue efforts to repatriate them using every possible means,” the statement said.The ministry did not elaborate on which part of Greece the vessels are believed to have been stolen from.According to reports, the vessels were part of a collection of 5,000 looted antiquities seized in 2015 from the Swiss home of an Italian art dealer, and returned to Italy.At the time, Italian police had seized more than 5,000 ancient artefacts in a record 45 million euro ($53 million) haul after dismantling a Swiss-Italian trafficking ring.Frieze Masters, an annual fair held in early October in London, showcases art from the ancient era and Old Masters to the late 20th century.last_img read more

Flyboard Inventor Fails to Cross Channel on Hoverboard

first_imgStay on target Franky “Flyboard” Zapata failed his first attempt to cross the English Channel on a jet-powered hoverboard.The former jet ski champion fell into the sea while trying to refuel halfway across the water.A member of the Frenchman’s team said the movement of the waves required perfect timing, and the landing platform apparently shifted slightly as Zapata descended.AdChoices广告“We’re talking about a few centimeters,” they said. “It’s an enormous disappointment … but he will definitely try again.”Zapata was wearing a life jacket and was not harmed.The 40-year-old inventor hoped to succeed in what he called a “kid’s dream” on the 110th anniversary of the first airplane flight across the Channel by Louis Blériot (who won a £1,000 prize for his achievement).“I’ve always been a fan of Blériot and I was looking for a new challenge,” Zapata told The Guardian. “If we can cross the Channel on the 110th anniversary … it’s a crazy challenge.”One that French maritime authorities initially refused to approve, saying it was too dangerous to fly over one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes, as reported by The Guardian.Coastal officials on Wednesday authorized the stunt after Zapata convinced them of his safety.One small glide for man…A day later, in front of throngs of onlookers, Zapata and his Flyboard Air took off from a beach in Sangette at 9:05 a.m. local time, his sights set on the landing site at St. Margaret’s Bay near Dover.He was expected to make the 22-mile crossing at an average speed of 87 mph and an altitude of 50 to 65 feet above sea level.Zapata covered 11 miles in about 10 minutes, reaching the refueling vessel as planned. The slight movement of the landing platform, however, threw him off balance and sent him ass over tit into the Channel.According to The Guardian, Zapata—who wanted to refuel his jet-propelled hoverboard in mid-air—was furious, blaming the French maritime officials who refused his request for the failure.(The Brits, meanwhile, couldn’t be bothered either way, as long as citizens weren’t at risk.)Zapata recently wowed crowds—including French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel—when he flew over Paris’s Bastille Day military parade on July 14.Record setterMarty McFly ain’t got nothin’ on Franky Zapata: The military reservist in 2016 set a new Guinness World Record for the farthest hoverboard flight.During an attempt off the coast of Sausset-les-Pins, Zapata achieved a new benchmark distance of 2,252 meters (7,388 feet).Riding the Flyboard Air—an unconventional-looking hovercraft developed by his company Zapata Racing—the 37-year-old shattered Canadian inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru’s previous record for 275.9 meters (905 feet, 2 inches), set in 2015.The French daredevil previously set the world record for most backflips with a water jet pack in one minute. His record of 26 was later beaten by Beijing’s Liu He, who managed 27.More on Sued After Hoverboard Burns Down Million-Dollar HouseLexus Slide Hoverboard Really WorksTony Hawk Does Tricks on a Real-Life Hoverboard Watch: French Daredevil Crosses English Channel on HoverboardMr Hoverboard is a cheaper way to be Marty McFly last_img read more