One million kuna for the development of the tourist infrastructure of Međimurje

first_imgToday, the Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli visited the County of Međimurje, where in Čakovec he met with the County Prefect Matija Posavac with whom he discussed the development of tourism on the continent and development projects in the county. Also, a ceremonial signing of the grant agreement from the Tourism Development Fund for two interpretation centers was held.At the moment, tourist projects worth around HRK 8 million are being prepared in Međimurje County, and accommodation capacities have increased by 30 percent. Great attention will be paid to the development of special forms of tourism such as cultural and religious tourism through the valorization of cultural heritage, then health and sports tourism, cycling and enogastronomy, said Posavec and stressed that tourism has great potential to stimulate the economy, but also other industries such as agriculture and therefore special attention will be paid to connecting tourism and gastronomic products through rural tourism, but also other forms of tourism.On that occasion, Minister Cappelli expressed great satisfaction with the approach, planned activities and the development of tourism in Međimurje County. “As a tourist destination, Međimurje provides an exceptional contribution to the overall development of continental tourism in Croatia, a segment whose development we will intensively encourage in the coming period through numerous grants from the Ministry of Tourism. Rich in natural beauty, various offers of active and sports tourism and eno-gastronomy, Međimurje is on the European map of attractive tourist destinations, which is confirmed by excellent tourist results. This is the result of continuous investment of the public sector and the tourist community, increase of accommodation capacities and introduction of new tourist contents, but also confirmation of dedicated and creative work of all tourist workers whose work contributes to the development of Međimurje tourism. Congratulations to all on the excellent results and I am happy to point out the County of Međimurje as an excellent example of how to develop tourism on the basis of sustainable development and destination management, where the most important are man, culture and tradition”Minister Cappelli pointed out.During his stay, Minister Cappelli visited the multimedia display of the Mura Ecomuseum Visitor Center. On that occasion, a ceremonial signing of a grant agreement from the Tourism Development Fund for the project “Scaffolding Wooden House – Interpretation Center” co-financed by the Ministry of Tourism in the amount of HRK 231.800,00 and the project “Interpretation Center Dravski zlatari” in the amount of HRK 700.000,00. . The signing ceremony of the contract with the Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli was attended by the Mayor of Sveti Martin na Muri Dražen Crnčec and the Mayor of Donji Vidovec Josip Matulin.”For the development of year-round tourism, it is extremely important to offer visitors quality and diverse services and offers, which also increases the overall impression and attractiveness of the destination. That is why the Ministry of Tourism, through a grant program from the Tourism Development Fund, supports and encourages projects aimed at developing public tourism infrastructure such as arranging or building visitor centers, cycling, riding or walking routes and new beaches, thus creating new attractions. basis, ie additional motives for arriving at the destination. I believe that these interactive interpretation centers will be a new tourist attraction and an additional motive for the arrival of many guests in Međimurje County. ” Minister Cappelli pointed out during the signing ceremony.The project “Skelarska drvena kuća” was conceived as an interpretation center for the area of ​​Sv. Martin na Muri and the whole of Međimurje, which will be located within the tourist destination Ekomuzej Mura. The Mura Ecomuseum covers the area along the Mura River along the Croatian and Slovenian borders and offers an exceptional mosaic of biodiversity and landscape and cultural diversity, traditional knowledge preserved by the natives and ethnologically colored traditional events./ / / THE MINISTRY OF TOURISM CO-FINANCES BEACHES, VISITOR CENTERS AND INTERPRETATION CENTERS WITH 20 MILLION HRK”Dravski zlatari Interpretation Center” is located in the center of Donji Vidovec – the last place in Europe where the art of washing gold still lives. The center will provide a year-round interpretation of “gold laundering” while until now it was possible only 1-2 months a year, depending on weather conditions. With the help of the latest technologies and multimedia, guests will be shown in an interactive way the historical and cultural heritage and the art of washing gold of Međimurje goldsmiths.According to data from the eVisitor system, Međimurje County was visited by 68 guests from the beginning of the year to mid-December, who spent 162 nights, which is an increase of 18 percent in arrivals and 17 percent in overnight stays compared to the same period last year. The largest number of guests who visited Međimurje County were from Slovenia, Germany and Austria, while the most visited destinations were Sveti Martin na Muri, Čakovec and Prelog.last_img read more