Avian influenza patterns resemble 1918 pandemic, WHO study shows

first_imgJul 3, 2006 (CIDRAP News) – The World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday published its first epidemiologic analysis of all laboratory-confirmed cases of H5N1 avian influenza reported to the agency between Dec 1, 2003, and Apr 30, 2006.Though the quality, reliability, and format of the surveillance data varied by country, the WHO notes in its report that the conclusions are still useful for tracking disease patterns and planning future studies.Over the time period studied, 205 cases were confirmed by polymerase chain reaction on respiratory tract specimens and/or microneutralization assay on serum specimens. Two asymptomatic Vietnamese patients whose cases were confirmed retrospectively from contact-screening samples were not included in the analysis, leaving a total of 203 cases, and the age of one patient was not known, leaving 202 cases available for age analyses.The number of new countries reporting human cases of H5N1 has increased greatly in recent months as outbreaks among avian populations have spread, the study showed. From late 2003 through mid-2005, four countries reported human cases of H5N1 infection. In the much shorter period from October 2005 through the end of April 2006, five new countries reported cases in humans.About half the cases occurred in people under age 20 (102 of 202), and 90% in people younger than age 40 (180 of 202). The high proportion of cases occurring in younger people may reflect the young population of the countries where the cases occurred, for example in Egypt and Indonesia. The WHO noted that the incomplete nature of the data makes it difficult to make reliable links between age and exposure and that more studies are needed to assess whether younger people or other groups are at increased risk of contracting the disease.The overall fatality rate was 56% (113 of 202), with the incidence of death highest in those aged 10 to 39 years. The WHO emphasized that the fatality-rate patterns are notable for two reasons. They differ from the pattern of seasonal influenza, in which mortality is highest in elderly people. Also the case-fatality patterns resemble those observed during previous influenza pandemics—particularly the one that occurred in 1918.The case-fatality rate was highest in 2004 (73%). It decreased to 43% in 2005, then has risen to 63% so far in 2006.The researchers also examined the time intervals between symptom onset and hospitalization as well as between symptom onset and death and compared the intervals for different time periods. The median duration of illness onset to hospitalization for the entire surveillance period was 4 days and the median interval to death 9 days. There was no significant difference in the length of these intervals between 2004, 2005, and the first 4 months of 2006Human cases have occurred year-round, but the peaks have coincided with winter and spring in the northern hemisphere. “If this pattern continues, an upsurge in cases could be anticipated starting in late 2006 or early 2007,” the researches state.The report highlights the gap in essential data needed to understand and refine treatment of patients with the disease. “Collecting more detailed information on antiviral treatments and outcomes, and particularly linking this information to sequential virological sampling, could inform future management decisions,” the authors concluded.WHO. Epidemiology of WHO-confirmed human cases of avian A(H5N1) infection. WER 2006 Jun 30;81(26):249–260 [Full text]last_img read more

Rally by galleries – an excellent cultural event in 50 galleries in Pula, Rijeka and Zagreb

first_imgZAGREBSTARTING STATION AND OPENING CEREMONY1. HDLU / Barrel / PM / Ring Victims of Fascism Square 1601/46 11 818 hdlu@hdlu.hr SETTING 34th Youth Salon – guided tour of the exhibition with curator Mirna Rul at 17:30 after the opening ceremony.2. Outline / House of Architecture Kralja Držislava 301/3778177 oris@oris.hrEXHIBITION Nenad Fabijanić – Paintings by Ivan (Đovanija) – exhibition on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of the great Croatian architect Ivan Vitić.3. Karas Ul. King Zvonimir 5801 4611 818 nika.hdlu@gmail.comSETTING Exhibition Branko Lepen: Do Not Touch Works of Art4. Picto Gallery Branimirova 29092/1884118 piktogalerija@gmail.comSETTING Party relocation of the gallery and closing of the group photo exhibition ‘Line, Nude and Tenebroso’ – Alma Štrkljević, Josipa Krolo and Linda Golik Horvat.5. Matica Hrvatska Gallery Street Matice hrvatske 2098/9372552 vanja.babic1@gmail.comSETTING Exhibition ‘Constructing Void’ by the young Rijeka artist Dajana Durić. The spatial installation of an irregular, organic form is inspired by Japanese aesthetics.6. Laval Nugent Gallery Vodnikova 4099/2684437 info@lavalnugent.com”RAPA NUI” EXHIBITION – Exhibition of photographs of the “globetrotter” from Split, associate of the Meridian magazine, blogger and columnist Jurica Galić Juka taken during a trip to South America.7. SC Gallery Savska 2501/4593602 marta.kis1@gmail.comSETTING As part of the cycle They are coming, TTF students present themselves with the exhibition Fashion Lexicon, where they exhibit works created in the course Creating Clothes.8. Kranjčar Gallery Kaptol 26 01/4818400 kranjcar@kranjcar.hrSETTING UP Bonsai Expo 2018 organized by the Bonsai Association Zen.9. Shira Gallery Preradovićeva 1301/3711320 korana.littvay@alu.hrEXHIBITION “Venientes” is an exhibition of works by ALU students as part of this year’s Youth Salon, where works are exhibited by one or two representatives of each of the 6 departments of the Academy.10. Small Gallery Ban Josip Jelačić Square 601/4816954 galerijamala@galerijamala.hrEXHIBITION Exhibition of works by Croatian contemporary artists.11. ULUPUH Gallery Tkalčićeva 1401/4813746 galerija.ulupuh@zg.t-com.hrEXHIBITION Snježana Pokos-Vujec: ‘The world in my head – the world I live in’ – solo exhibition of works in ceramics and porcelain.12. Lapo Lapo Studio Ilica 50099/7332104 pimpmypumpproject@gmail.comEXHIBITION Permanent exhibition of renowned street art artists from Croatia and the region complemented by new works. Special program – Art music jam session.13. Greta Gallery Ilica 92091/2220810 info@greta.hrSETTING Exhibition “Striptokok” – Davor Schunk.14. VN Gallery Ilica 163 a01/3770896 galerija.vn@kgz.hrEXHIBITION Exhibition Transparent Borders – Mia Maraković.15. Workshop 69 Ilica 69092/2470961 javolimpms@gmail.comEXHIBITION Exhibition of paintings by Milica Šabanović and exhibition of handmade ceramics by Masha Novak. Music program – band Jango Jet quartet from 20 pm to 22 pm and DJs. Free macrame workshop led by Vladimir Radulović.16. PMS Gallery Tkalčićeva 61092/2470961 javolimpms@gmail.comEXHIBITION An exhibition by the artist Liljana Cvetković Zovkić and an open studio / performance in which the artist will paint canvas and fashion accessories live. Visitors can bring their fashion piece to the painting.17. Gallery R3a Pond 3a091/5928282 r3agalerija@gmail.comSETTING The best party in town.18. Forum Gallery Tesla 1601/4810710 fgavrilo@gmail.comSETTING The last day of the exhibition ‘Unrestrained Line’ by Đuro Seder.19. Regeneration Boskoviceva 7b01/4873235 ips@regeneracija.hrSETTING Regeneration presents a new collection of unique works, hand-tufted samples by a design team called SIGNS. Presentation, conversation and the possibility of ordering.20. Gallery of Events Ivanićgradska 41a01/2303122 galerija@knap.hrSETTING Opening of the exhibition Aesthetics of Inspiration – Jelena Remetin. The exhibition can be viewed from 17 p.m., and the speech begins at 19 p.m.21. AMZ GALLERY Pavla Hatza 601/6470265 imlinaric@amz.hrEXHIBITION “The Ways of the Frankopans: Frankopans in Music and Feast” is a music and gastronomic program and exhibition on the cultural and tourist route The Ways of the Frankopans.22. Modern Academy Šenoina 11 (yard)01/4839146 academiamoderna.zg@gmail.comEXHIBITION Exhibition by Mihael Klanjčić and Ivo Zagoda.LAST STATION AND DIPLOMA DISTRIBUTION23. Kamba Garage Gallery Ilica 37091/7500127 udruga.kruzok@gmail.comEXHIBITION Petar Popijač: Sculptures in neutral buoyancy. The exhibition consists of an aquarium installation, video work and an interactive kinetic installation.RIJEKASTARTING STATION AND OPENING CEREMONY1. Kortil Gallery Circular 8051/584860 skc@uniri.hrEXHIBITION Exhibition Socially engaged poster organized by the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka. Exhibitors: Boris Ljubičić, Bojan Hadžihalilović and Tomato Košir.2. Bruckett Gallery 2 Strossmayerova 1051/335403 mala-galerija@ri.t-com.hrEXHIBITION Exhibition of the academic painter Eugen Varzić.3. Erste Club Gallery Frana Supila 6072/372555 ersteclubRI@erstebank.comSETTINGS Surprise program.4. Juraj Klović Gallery Verdi 19 b051/338809 hdlur@ri.t-com.hrSETTING Group exhibition of awarded authors of the First Salon of Miniature Art. Exhibitors: Josip Mijić (Grand prix), Žarko Vučković, Sara Matejčić, Ana Radosavljević and Iva Šarić.5. Atelier (Gea Golović) Križanićeva 2a (passage)091/7522320 gea.golovic@gmail.comEXHIBITION The studio of the academic painter Gee Golović will be open to the public and a tour of her new and previous works. The studio will treat you to a glass of drinks and conversation.6. Gallery of Principles Under Voltun 4095/9131769 fotoklubrijeka@net.hr EXHIBITION Photographic project ‘Korean Happiness’ by Canadian author Nathalie Daoustov. The author uses laboratory photographic procedures to simulate the psychological and other conditions of people in North Korea.7. RiArt Gallery Marka Marulića 10098/634981 lada1952@gmail.comEXHIBITION In the RiArt Gallery, the works of a dozen academic painters and ceramists, as well as several non-established artists, are on permanent display.8. Atelje Vodanović, Blašković, Hercigonja Križanićeva 2/1 (Passage)098/1692757 janbohercigonja@gmail.comEXHIBITION Conversation with artists in their workspace and a tour of recent works by artists Maja Vodanović, Tanja Blašković and Bojana Hercigonja.9. Small Brucket Gallery Užarska 25051/335403 mala-galerija@ri.t-com.hrSETTING An insight into the 44-year-long tradition of making artistic ceramics of the Bruketa family in the author’s gallery, where designer, contemporary jewelry from their workshop is exhibited.10. Rent a BRI bike Križanićeva 2b 091/4972508 bri.rental@gmail.com SETTING Exhibition Cycling as a philosophy – Bojan Hercigonja, Petar Đakulović and Milan Đekić. The curator of the exhibition is Ana Žarković.11. Youth Club Rijeka Erazma Barčića 9a095/8533003 klubmladihrijeka@gmail.comSETTING Exhibition “Colors, shapes and textures” students of the third year of art pedagogy Josip Baljak and Nikola Janjic.LAST STATION AND DIPLOMA DISTRIBUTION12. SKC Gallery Strossmayerova 1051/377051 galerijakortil@rijeka.hrSETTING The exhibition “Rebellion: ’68 in Rijeka and the World” looks back at the student protests held in 1968. A selection of student papers on the topic of activism is on display.PulaSTARTING STATION AND OPENING CEREMONY1.HUIU Zagrebačka 27091/7606144 huiu@huiu.hrEXHIBITION Photo exhibition ‘Bearded Men’ – Tomislav Pliško.2.MMC Luka Istarska 30052/214408 hdlu.istre@inet.hrEXHIBITION Exhibition of students of the School of Applied Arts and Design from Pula.3. Zweiner Gallery Forum 2052/216502 cvajner@pu-t-com.hrEXHIBITION Exhibition of paintings by Simone Mocenni “Finis Terrae” and “Notturni”.4. Poole Gallery Kandlerova 14091/7930033 info@poolagallery.netEXHIBITION Exhibition by Siniša Majkus and Mirko Zrinščak.5. Antun Motika Gallery Laginjina5 052/222662 eros.cakic@pula.hrSETTING Solo exhibition ‘Seventy Years of Painting’ – Gualtiero Mocenni.6. Makina Gallery Capitoline Square 1092/3067619 fotohass@gmail.com SETTING Exhibition “Mediterranean, Continuity of Man” by Nick Hannes, finalist of the 9th International Organ Vida Photography Festival.7. Amphitheater Gallery Flavijevska bb052/351303 arheoloski-muzej-istre@pu.t-com.hrSETTING Exhibition “Arena and surrounding parks – then and today”, by Katarina Zenzerović and Monika Petrović (AM Istre).8. Gallery C8 Carrarina 8 052/351303 arheoloski-muzej-istre@pu.t-com.hr EXHIBITION Exhibition “I will tell you a story”, author Timka Alihodžić (AM Zadar).9. Museum-gallery space of Sacred Heart De Ville’s ascent 8052/351300 arheoloski-muzej-istre@pu.t-com.hrSETTING Exhibition “La tela volante”, a group of authors “One Dollar Bill” consisting of: Marko Jakše, Pierre Tol, and Bojan Šumonja.10. Temple of Augustus Forum bb052/351300 arheoloski-muzej-istre@pu.t-com.hrEXHIBITION Exhibition “Man and the Sea – Fishing in Antiquity through the holdings of the Zadar Archaeological Museum”, author Dušanka Romanović (AMZd)11. UCIPŽ Association Ljudevita Gaja 3099/8198855 goga.hosni@yahoo.com EXHIBITION Exhibition ‘From line to illustrator’ by Valent Hrvatin, a young artist and member of the association. The exhibition consists of drawings and paintings created from 2011 until today.12.Living Room DC Rojc Ljudevita Gaja 3092/126 3731 info.surojc@gmail.comEXHIBITION Exhibition of photographs “Accepted” by Snježana Bratanović.LAST STATION AND DIPLOMA DISTRIBUTION13.Wheel Ljudevita Gaja 3092 306 7619 vinka@seasplash.netEXHIBITION Robert Paulette’s exhibition “On the Wicked” contains seven oil paintings on a tablecloth depicting historical greats / dictators of the 20th century. The fifth jubilee edition of the cultural event Rally by Galleries will be held on Friday, May 25, 2018 from 17 to 22 pm in 50 galleries in Pula, Rijeka and Zagreb.The Galleries Rally is an event that brings together and maps galleries to give artists and art spaces greater visibility, and admission to all galleries is free. This is the first cultural event in Croatia that networks almost all active art galleries in three cities and brings together a large number of artists, curators and collectors, and offers visitors an interactive art program. Visitors will once again have the opportunity to see more exhibitions and works of art in one day than any other day of the year, and those who manage to visit all the galleries will also receive a symbolic diploma.The novelty of this year’s Rally in galleries are the starting locations where maps are downloaded and the event is ceremoniously opened and the starting ribbon is cut. The grand opening of the event will be held in Pula in the HUIU gallery at 17 pm, in Zagreb the opening will be held in the Meštrović pavilion – HDLU, and in Rijeka in the Kortil gallery.See more about this interesting project hereMaintenance program in Zagreb, Pula and Rijekalast_img read more

NP “Krka” launched a new website specializing only in cycling – Krk Bike

first_imgRelated news: When planning a cycling trip on Krk, keep in mind that tickets are charged for the entrances Skradinski buk, Roški slap, Krka Monastery and Burnum, point out from Np Krk. The website offers mountain, road and trekking trails. All trails are circular and marked in detail, connected to various rest areas and lookouts, and in addition to the basic gpx features of the trails, the trails are also shown through video animation via the Relive platform. “The middle and upper reaches of the Krka River are an ideal destination for all those who want to spend their vacation actively in untouched nature due to its specific terrain configuration and natural phenomena in the environment. All types of cyclists were meant: from beginners to recreational cyclists to professionals – everyone can find the right challenge for themselves.”States from NP Krka. Krka National Park has expanded its tourist offer by arranging fourteen bicycle routes that connect the most attractive parts of the park. And from now on, all the advantages of cycling in the Krka National Park can be discovered in one place through a new website specializing only in cycling tourism – Krka Bike. Na YouTube The channel also published five promotional videos promoting cycling tourism in the Krka National Park. There are a total of five mountain routes, they are intended for cyclists with good physical condition and advanced cycling skills, and they are ridden on well-kept and untidy forest paths with ascents and descents that can have a higher slope. Road routes, of which there are three in the Park area, are characterized by riding sports road bikes on quality asphalt roads, on routes of above-average overall length and different height profiles. They are intended for active athletes looking for physically demanding sports challenges. For active family trips to nature, as well as for occasional recreation, there are six trekking routes, which combine driving on paved roads with driving on quality macadam roads, without technically demanding parts.last_img read more

Pretty vacant

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Trump visits Kenosha, not to urge racial healing but to back police

first_imgPresident Donald Trump defied requests to stay away and visited Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Tuesday, not to urge racial healing after a white officer shot a Black man in the back but to express support for law enforcement in a city rocked by civil unrest.With the United States polarized over issues of racial injustice and police use of force, Trump is appealing to his base of white supporters with a “law and order” message as opinion polls show him cutting into the lead of his Democratic rival, former vice president Joe Biden.Meanwhile Trump has largely overlooked the racial wounds caused by police use of force and played down the more than 180,000 US deaths from the coronavirus pandemic. “These are not acts of peaceful protest, but really domestic terror,” Trump told local business leaders in a high school gym.Peaceful demonstrators have complained that violent agitators, often white, have hijacked their protests with property damage. But many have also sharply criticized the police, saying the United States needs to completely rethink its law enforcement practices.”To stop the political violence, we must also confront the radical ideology. … We have to condemn the dangerous anti-police rhetoric,” Trump said, adding that without his help Kenosha would have “burned to the ground.”Appeal to ‘change the hearts’The visit was not completely without empathy. While Trump dodged questions about systemic racism and problems in policing, he did say that he felt “terribly for anybody who goes through that,” referring to the police shooting, and that he was honored to meet with the co-pastors of Blake’s mother, the only two Black people at Trump’s roundtable.Pastor James Ward appealed for greater efforts to “change the hearts of people” and bring healing and peace to the community, while his wife and co-pastor Sharon Ward said, “I think it’s important to have Black people at the table to help solve the problem.”The state’s Democratic governor and the city’s Democratic mayor both had urged Trump not to visit so as to avoid inflaming tensions and allow citizens to heal. But when he showed up, the president pledged $1 million in federal support to Kenosha law enforcement, $4 million to small businesses, and $42 million to public safety statewide, contrasting that with leftist calls to “defund the police.”Much of the country has rallied to the side of civil rights since George Floyd, a Black man, died on May 25 after a white police officer knelt on his neck. The country was reckoning with that case when Blake was shot as he entered his car on Aug. 23.Kenosha has become one of the flashpoint cities where anti-racist demonstrators have clashed with Trump supporters who have converged on protest sites, sometimes openly carrying arms while vowing to protect property from looters.A 17-year-old Trump supporter has been charged with killing two people and wounding another with a semi-automatic rifle in Kenosha. Trump defended the white teenager, who faces six criminal counts, and declined to condemn violence from his supporters.But in Portland, Oregon, site of three months of nightly protests that have often turned violent, a Trump supporter was shot dead on Saturday and the president lamented that “they executed a man in the street.”The president took credit for restoring peace in Kenosha since National Guard and federal law enforcement reinforcements were sent in. Although Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers called in more National Guard troops on his own authority, Trump did send in about 200 federal law enforcement officials. Topics :center_img The Republican president also threatened to send more federal officers into cities governed by Democratic mayors even if local officials objected, saying, “At some point … we’ll just have to do it ourselves.”Trump did not visit Jacob Blake, who was paralyzed from the waist down after a white police officer fired at his back seven times on Aug. 23. He did not meet Blake’s family either, but did meet with his mother’s pastors.He promised instead to rebuild Kenosha and provide more federal spending to Wisconsin, a political battleground state that Trump won narrowly in 2016 and badly needs to keep in his column as he seeks re-election on Nov. 3.The president visited a burned-out furniture store that was destroyed in the upheaval and then a makeshift command center to praise National Guard troops who were called in to reinforce local police after several nights of peaceful protests gave way to looting, arson and gunfire.last_img read more

Gold Coast house and unit approvals up while Brisbane approvals are down

first_imgFirst-home owner Brie Gillett checks a GJ Gardner display house, Pimpama, Gold Coast. Photo: Regi Varghese“We may have that situation probably two years down the track but I think that’s a good thing as there will be stock to be sold. If we have a growing population they have to have somewhere to come to and I don’t believe we’re going to fall of a cliff or have a GFC towards the end of 2018 but we will have a level of pace where people can operate without a frantic situation.”First-home buyer Brie Gillett is building a house at Pimpama, the northern Gold Coast’s fastest growing region. Jupiters Casino extension. Photo: David ClarkThe soon-to-be first time mum and her fiance Trent Jesberg decided building was the only way to go — especially with the $20,000 first homeowners’ grant.“It was the best option financially for us, we could get a helping hand and have exactly what we wanted,” she said.“Having a house to suit our needs is important to us, we are starting a family.” First-home buyer Brie Gillett (right) discusses her house plan with Greg Palmer, Supervisor, GJ Gardner Builders, Pimpama, Gold Coast. Photo: Regi VargheseTHE Gold Coast is leading the state in residential construction following a bumper 2016 sparked by a Commonwealth Games building frenzy.House and unit approvals were up 20 per cent across the city, according to peak construction and building industry association Master Builders Qld.In comparison, Brisbane results are down — due to the unit oversupply, resulting in a 14 per cent drop in building approvals. Gold Coast City Marina and surrounding property. Picture Mike BatterhamMaster Builders Qld regional manager Gold Coast John Duncalfe said 2017 looked promising.“At the moment I have builders telling me every day they can’t get enough subcontractors,” Mr Duncalfe said.“Everyone is at a fairly good space as far as work in their books goes.”More from news02:37Purchasers snap up every residence in the $40 million Siarn Palm Beach North11 hours ago02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa1 day agoHe said he didn’t expect an oversupply of units on the Gold Coast following the Games.“We did have a major oversupply years ago but we don’t have an it now,” he said.center_img The Gold Coast skyline. Picture: Queensland TourismThe association’s Building Industry Outlook 2017 reveals the Coast’s standout performance was sparked by employment growth and a thriving tourism industry.“The Gold Coast is going gangbusters and this is expected to continue through until the 2018 Commonwealth Games,” Master Builders deputy CEO Paul Bidwell said.The second stage of the light rail network, redevelopment of Jupiter’s Casino and the $1 billion Jewel development are also mentioned as bringing work to the region. Kurrawa Surf Club. Photo: David ClarkMiss Gillett said they chose Pimpama due to its proximity to the motorway.“It is close to the Coast and Brisbane — the new Coomera Town Centre they’re building was a plus,” she said.The couple collect the keys to their new home tomorrow and will move in this week. Key facts Unemployment rate 5.4 per centPopulation growth of 2.1 per cent a yearOne out of three people on the Gold Coast are paying off their own homeAverage mortgage repayment is $2,058 a month. This is $200 more than the Queensland average.last_img read more

Retirees downsize to new home close to home in Buderim

first_imgLocal empty nesters are buying up homes within the Sage Landing development.When their kids left home, Carol and Tom Blacklaw knew it was time to downsize.But the couple did not want to leave behind the lifestyle they loved in Buderim, a leafy and breezy hilltop suburb of the Sunshine Coast. . Sage Landing developers HMR Projects has seen huge interest from local empty nesters.“We’ve always loved the Buderim area and the lifestyle it offers and we knew a large family home was no longer something we needed or wanted – particularly considering the extra maintenance and upkeep,” Mrs Blacklaw said.“However, downsizing is easier said than done in Buderim as the properties close to the village are mostly large family homes or smaller townhouses or apartments with high body corporates. To be honest, I don’t think our story is that different from many other couples so it’s unfortunate that Buderim hasn’t had much to offer until Sage Landing was launched earlier this year.”More from newsMould, age, not enough to stop 17 bidders fighting for this homeless than 1 hour agoBuyers ‘crazy’ not to take govt freebies, says 28-yr-old investorless than 1 hour agoThe couple was among the first to snap up their piece of paradise at the boutique enclave.center_img .Sage Landing developer HMR Projects reports that 100 per cent of its buyers have made the shift from a larger Buderim property, with director Ken Reed saying a recent spike in sales meant eight of the 13 homes had sold.“Interest has been particularly strong amongst existing Buderim residents who are looking to downsize … we’re thrilled to see the development resonating with long-term locals.” Ray White Buderim agent Lew Pottinger said the spike in sales was likely due to the increased activity on-site.“Civil works are well and truly underway … we estimate the first residents could be moving in as early as mid-2018,” he said.Mr Pottinger said he expected the remaining lots to sell quickly, with the development filling a much-needed niche between small apartments and larger homes.“As home-owners become empty nesters there is an increasing demand for smaller, high quality homes like Sage Landing,” he said.Sage Landing is in a secluded cul-de- sac, walking distance to the Buderim high street.last_img read more

NOC Welcomes New Associate Director

first_imgCatherine AllenThe National Oceanography Centre (NOC) has appointed Catherine Allen as associate director for Government International & Public Engagement.Allen will join NOC in June from a regional cancer charity, where she is currently chief executive and until 2015 was chief executive of the National Association of Round Tables of Great Britain and Ireland.After graduating from the University of Lancaster with a BA in English, Allen began her career with five years in the private sector in press and public relations before moving in 2003 to the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust in various communications roles, progressing to Head of Corporate Affairs. In 2009 Cait joined the Curriculum & Qualifications Authority as Head of Media and Stakeholder Relations.“I am delighted Catherine will be joining us as the NOC progresses on its exciting journey as an independent organisation. Catherine brings with her a wealth of experience to help us engage widely with the story of the ocean, its importance in all our lives, and the critical role that NOC plays in advancing knowledge and understanding of the ocean for the benefit of society and to inform key decisions for the future,” said Professor Edward Hill, chief executive of the NOC.Catherine Allen said, “I feel privileged to be joining an organisation that is helping us all understand more about the world in which we live. It is immediately clear that NOC has a team of awe-inspiring scientists, as well as very dedicated employees supporting their work. The organisation has a real buzz and energy, so I can’t wait to join the team. Having moved from the Midlands to live closer to the sea, I believe we all have lots to learn from the ocean and am looking forward to sharing the NOC’s amazing work with policy makers, partners and the public.”last_img read more

CEO of Caribbean Airlines quits

first_img Share Share Share 66 Views   no discussions BusinessLifestyleNewsRegionalTravel CEO of Caribbean Airlines quits by: Caribbean Media Corporation – October 29, 2015center_img Sharing is caring! Tweet Michael DiLolloPORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC) – After just 17 months on the job, the Chief Executive Officer of Caribbean Airlines (CAL), has resigned with immediate effect.Michael DiLollo, 48, who was appointed CEO in May, cited personal reasons for his decision.He was appointed following the sudden resignation of Robert Corbie in September 2013.The airline’s chief financial officer, Tyrone Tang, will act as CEO until a permanent replacement is found.Members of staff were informed of the resignation via a memo from the airline’s chairman Phillip Marshall.DiLollo, a pilot, gave no hint of plans to quit when he addressed the media earlier this month.He then said he was ready to land the airline in a break-even financial position and that the airline was “well on our way, very well on our way to achieving that target.”last_img read more

Tyler D. Houk, 30

first_imgTyler D. Houk, 30, Greensburg, passed away on Saturday, July 21, 2018 at his residence in Greensburg. Born, March 30, 1988 in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, he was the son of Todd S. and Vicki L. (Manlief) Houk. Tyler graduated in 2006 from Greensburg Community High School.  He attended Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Orlando.  He was a member of the First Baptist Church in Greensburg.  Tyler enjoyed the outdoors. He loved hunting, gunsmithing, and fishing.  He loved his pet dog, “Lucy”, who was always by his side. He enjoyed spending time with his family and friends.  He is survived by his parents, Todd and Vicki Houk, Greensburg; grandparents, Marcia and Dick Foley, Greensburg, Hershel and Phyllis Houk, Greensburg; one brother, Zach Houk, Greensburg; one sister, Hannah (Mark) Berger, Greensburg; two nephews, Kaden Houk and Hudson Berger; Aunts and Uncles, Ann Manlief, Kelly (Scott) Johnson, Lisa (Phil) Menkedick, Michelle (James) Adams, Mike (Teresa) Manlief, Fred Manlief, Craig Houk; great aunts and uncles; Debbie Milwee, Wilma Wells, Tom Wells. He was preceded in death by his grandfather, Robert Manlief and his great grandparents. Visitation will be held on Wednesday from 2:30 to 6:00 p.m. at the Porter-Oliger-Pearson Funeral Home in Greensburg.  Funeral Services will be held at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 25, 2018 at the funeral home with Rev. Greg Redd officiating. Memorials may be made to the Indiana Center for Recovery in Bloomington, Indiana. Online condolences can be made to the family at www.popfuneralhome.comlast_img read more