Google PageRank decryption three

    Google–PageRank decryption (three)    

10.  PageRank feedback  

11.  how to control PageRank 

12.  import links (Links  to  Your  Site)  

13.  export link (Links  out  of  your  site)  

ten:   PageRank feedback;The feedback mechanism of


the increment is relatively small, the overall depending on the circumstances. But one thing is obvious:     provides a link to the page is often through a mechanism called PageRank feedback to enhance their own PageRank.    Conclusion:

and some large sites for reciprocal link exchange is more sensible. These sites are linked to the structure, and give a high degree of attention to the link page. The number of web pages that you link to the site and the structure of your site have a significant impact on the total number of PageRank feedback on your site.