Stationmaster net broadcast affair website leaked military vertical portal Tiexue for landing three

1 affair website leaked information to be drawn map containing 50 thousand   City derailed:



affair website leaked information to be drawn off map members in 50 thousand city. Red dot represents the proportion of male and female users is greater than 85%, yellow point represents the proportion of male and female users less than 85%.

According to the Spanish "

" ABC News reported on August 23rd, the world’s largest affair website "Ashley · Madison (AshleyMadison) recently attacked by hackers, hacker attack sites revealed a large number of members of the team registration information, including personal e-mail and credit card information. The day before, a Spanish technology company Tecniló GICA; using these leaked data draw a map of the world contains a global 50 thousand "disloyal city".

2 shares fell below the issue price, Alibaba how to deal with a series of bad news in the first half of the year?  

when the listing of unlimited Alibaba shares, has returned to its starting point a year ago in the NYSE

August 23rd, the global stock market crash, the opening price of the U.S. stocks also failed to escape, the opening of the three index fell within half an hour at the top and bottom of the 4%. With the general trend continued downward Alibaba shares opened at $58.16, in one fell swoop below the IPO issue price of $68.

finished last week, Alibaba’s shares closed at $68.18, is already quite close to the issue price of the red line.

on Thursday, Twitter also fell below the 2013 issue price on NASDAQ IPO. If the Alibaba and this only because they could not get a stable revenue, so the stock continued weakness in technology stocks on the same road, there is no doubt that had grabbed Ali stock dealers and banks are very embarrassing.

3 Military vertical portal Tiexue for landing three new board estimated market value of 370 million  

Jiang Lei directly holds 35.35% stake in science and technology, is the largest shareholder of the company, and the investment through the indirect control of science and technology 9.02% of the shares, the total control of 44.37% of the shares of the company. Jiang Lei served as chairman and general manager of the company.

August 24th evening news, the domestic military vertical portal online predator formally submitted to the new board "public transfer instructions", the first disclosure of the financial and operating conditions of the site. In the "public transfer instructions", the network announced three market makers, according to market maker Tiexue shares price estimates, the market value of about 370 million.

It is reported that

Tiexue, founded in 2001, the company employs more than 500 people, after 14 years of development, the network can provide the community, e-commerce, online reading, games and other products for users. >

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