Women’s shoes store venture case sharing

investment in the future prospects of good shoes? Many businesses through the franchise to get a new development path, if you want to have a guaranteed business, select the project must be careful. Today Xiaobian share a wealth of examples, I hope to help you.

to Zhao entrepreneurship, has been for the investment project of things to worry about. Later, after the introduction of a good friend to understand the Myl shoes, and had a great interest. Because Zhao had engaged in the clothing business, with a keen insight into fashion and trends, she felt Myl shoes project must be feasible. read more

How about honey

women pay attention to beauty and health care, is not only more in cosmetics, health food, honey which is a kind of popular with female beauty products, not only the female consumers, honey marketing should be said to be the object for all health care focus on raising consumer groups.

With the improvement of the overall consumption level of the society, more and more consumers begin to favor the bee products which have the function of natural health care, and constantly promote the innovation and development of the read more

Take its attractive irony at large the better to apprehend him


name for a store what it means? Different operators may have different views, attention will naturally be different. In fact, the name as a carrier, it is not in every hour and moment to passers-by to transmit information. So for the customer, a sufficiently impressive name than the length of the shop introduction more practical and useful.

Xiao Wu home snack bar boss, don’t look at him now, business is booming, but in the shop at the beginning, but faced a lot of difficulties in business. read more

Open a home style shop layout

bar due to the huge pressure for modern people to provide spiritual relief, and enjoy life, and rapid hot market, market is very optimistic, many investors also look here, so if a rustic style bar, the shop should be how to layout?

"local customs bar", mainly the sale of "local customs" and "local flavor", business success, the layout of the store accounted for 60% of the time.

read more

Old brands to consider more factors

in the Chinese time-honored traditional focus on the market, it is equivalent to a successful brand, so if there is investment, many investors want to be careless with one of them, in fact, these time-honored, does not mean that you can join the success factors need to be considered is also very much!

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Ten bakery franchise brand recommended

you will find that if we give you a choice, if after retirement, let you shop, a bakery and a fast-food restaurant for your choice, many people tend to choose the former, because the bakery is more in line with their heart and enjoy life will.

of course, there are a lot of people would dream of opening a small bakery, a bread, a cup of hot drinks, carrying their own dreams. But the ideal is , the reality is skinny. Many bakeries are because of its poor management problems, how can this be good? In fact, bread stores can help you solve this problem, do not need too much money and experience, in the headquarters of the support, novices can easily do the boss, now bread stores market hot, which in the end the competitiveness of the brand, good reputation? Today we will take a look at read more

Hu Xiaoli to provide convenient services to attract more customers

is running a number of goods, even if the attitude is good, because the competition is fierce, leading to a lot of shops are not ideal business. Therefore, only a few additional business, will make the store business is higher. And Hu Xiaoli’s choice is to provide convenient services, thereby attracting more customers.

my shop opened in the residential area of the urban district, the shop has 5 years of time, that is, from the real estate developers to buy the building after the start of the community. Shop mainly engaged in sugar, tobacco, tea, daily necessities, etc.. My district is mostly office workers and wage earners, consumption levels. Start the entire area is only two supermarkets, business is passable, but since last year has increased to a convenience store, more than one competitor, all of a sudden a lot of light. So, I began to take the road of complex operations, to enhance the popularity of the store to attract more consumers to spend. read more