“I look better coach than the three Champions”

first_imgHe left because he said that same group of players could not win titles. How it has changed so much.What changed was my eight months out. The team is more or less the same. There are beautiful moments and accept criticism after having won a lot. To regain success I only believe in work and patience. We want to give the fans another joy.There is no talk about the flower of Zidane. Better coach than the three Champions?Yes, I look better. I see myself progressing. In life too, as a person. You learn from situations, from people around you. I listen a lot to the people who are with me, which is very valid. My goal is to progress. The flower thing… I don’t know, everyone… That won’t change. You can think one thing from me and next to another that thinks totally different. I accept it. I like what I do, my work, I give my heart, the rest I can’t control. I remain convinced.The other semifinal and the future of Valverde.Valverde is what happens to all coaches. I don’t want to get into that. That match was like that. For a moment I thought that Barcelona was going to win the match, Atlético competes until the end.Does winning or losing affect signings or exits?It is a trophy, we think only of a trophy. I only worry about that.Does the athletic rush make you more dangerous?I don `t believe. It is a team that defends well, but also attacks well. We may think that it is a different game from Barcelona, ​​but it is a strong team and we are prepared.Many tactical changes. What do you think of what they called aligner?It’s not like that. We prepare the matches. We always look good, good, good rival. We look at the offensive and defensive phase. It is important to know the rival, how they play. But the important thing is us. Zidane appeared before the press to analyze the Spanish Super Cup final between Atlético and Real Madrid which will be played this Sunday in the Saudi city of Jeddah (8:00 pm Spanish time).Despite the casualties, new final. The message.We know what we are going to play. We come for that. We are prepared to make a great match.Final NinthNothing changes for us. It’s the DNA of this club, it’s a big club. Players live to play these games. There is no more pressure. It is important because there is a trophy.Joao Felix.I have no doubt that he is a player of the present and the future. I don’t know if among the top three in the world. Everyone can comment. He is a very good player. Atlético has signed him because he is a soccer player of the future.Five midfieldersI will not say how we are going to play. We know that the important thing is what is done in the offensive phase, not so much the drawing. Everyone can interpret it differently. Like a 4-4-2 when it’s a 4-3-3 … We know we have good things. It is what matters to us.Its continuity was questioned a few months ago. What is your secret formula.There is no secret formula. If we lose two games, the same thing will happen. We can only work, and work well. I believe a lot in this template. We have the best and always have to prove it.The Super Cup is no longer a residual trophy. New format.I don’t know, I don’t have much opinion. The Federation has put it that way and we have come. We take the opportunity given by the competition. And all of us who play are here to win them. I’m glad to be in Spain, where they like football and life.last_img