Cavani scores 100th Ligue 1 goal

first_imgPSG Cavani passes century of Ligue 1 goals for PSG Goal Last updated 2 years ago 01:51 11/5/17 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Edinson Cavani Angers PSG PSG Angers SCO v PSG Angers SCO Ligue 1 With two goals against Angers, the Uruguay striker made it 101 goals in just 144 appearances in the French top flight Paris Saint-Germain striker Edinson Cavani passed a century of Ligue 1 goal in Saturday’s clash with Angers.After a flick from Kylian Mbappe, the Uruguay international lashed in to round off a move that started deep in PSG’s half and make it 3-0 after 30 minutes and net his 100th in the competition.Toulouse 16/5 to beat Nantes Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player At the hour mark, he made it 101 when he sent a powerful shot beyond goalkeeper Mathieu Michel. The 30-year-old has been in fine form for Unai Emery’s side this season, with his latest goal taking his tally to 17 in 16 appearances in all competitions.Edinson Cavani scores his 100th Ligue 1 goal – in typical Cavani style! #Cavani100— Goal (@goal) November 4, 2017Now in his fourth season with PSG, it has taken Cavani just 144 appearances to pass the 100 mark in goals in the French top flight. Josip Skoblar (101 games), Carlos Bianchi (110) Zlatan Ibrahimovic (115) and Delio Onnis (139) are the only players to have reached the milestone in fewer games.Having starred for Napoli and Palermo before joining PSG, Cavani is only the third player to reach 100 goals in two different leagues this century, after Ibrahimovic and Juventus striker Gonzalo Higuain.With 35 goals in 36 games last season, Cavani finished the league’s top goalscorer and is now joint top of the chart this season with Monaco striker Radamel Falcao.Beating Angers 5-0 saw the capital club extend their lead at the top of the table to seven points before second-placed Monaco take on Guingamp later in the day.last_img read more

Its Time To Stop Pretending That The NFL Preseason Isnt Pointless

If the coaches, players and fans all feel like the risk of injury has outstripped the value of playing the games, there’s no viable path forward for the four-game preseason. Only one question remains: Whether the coaches, players and fans can persuade the owners to get on a different path. For most of the 2000s and into the middle of this decade, the number of starters who threw the fewest preseason passes on their teams stayed in the low single digits. Last year, it was a full half of the league’s starting QBs.This year, no starters have thrown the most passes of anyone else on their team, and 22 threw the fewest. In just seven years, we’ve gone from almost half the league mostly playing their starters to over two-thirds the league barely playing them at all.There’s also reason to believe that the decline of starting QB reps across the league this preseason is not a coincidence. The NFL and its players’ union have begun negotiations for their next collective bargaining agreement, and truncating the preseason is reportedly a major negotiating topic. In that context, coaches and players are incentivized to force the owners’ hands.Last week, with Luck likely to sit out the third preseason game, Colts head coach Frank Reich and Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy texted before the game and reached a mutual I-won’t-play-my-guys-if-you-won’t truce. A similar detente was reached between Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson and Baltimore Ravens skipper John Harbaugh after their week of joint practices.In fact, joint practice sessions seem to be where the starters are getting all the reps they’ve been giving up.“I think [joint practices are] the trend. I think that’s where we’re going. I think that’s the way the league is heading,” Pederson said in a recent press conference. “As coaches, we get to set the situation and control the environment, and sometimes you don’t get those in games. You don’t get that situation in a game, and this way we can control that and work on specific things and get some really good work done with our starters.”That all makes sense: If a coach really wants to work on the two-minute offense, a preseason game offers no guarantee that a team will even get in a two-minute situation. The same is true for any other situation, matchup or personnel package. What doesn’t make sense, though, is charging fans full price to watch an uncontrolled scrimmage between a bunch of players who likely won’t even make their respective teams.On Monday, Texans head coach Bill O’Brien suggested that fans could whet their appetite for starter-on-starter action by the league televising joint practices in lieu of two preseason games: This season, it fell even more steeply. Projected Week 1 starters (via OurLads) accounted for just 11.7 percent of pass attempts.1Luck was the Colts’ projected starter up to and through the start of the Colts’ third preseason game, so he counts as “the starter” in these numbers. That’s a 43 percent drop in one year, after more than a decade of consistently giving fans at least a decent look at the most important player on the team.The same pattern shows up when we look at how many starters have led their team in preseason attempts — and how many starters have brought up the rear. In 2002, 14 of 32 teams’ starting quarterbacks led their team in preseason pass attempts, and in 2012, 13 starters still led their team in preseason throws. But since 2015, no more than three have. The curtain fell on the 2019 NFL preseason Thursday night — and judging by the volleys of rotten produce hurled at it by fans, writers and coaches, the NFL may never want to stage that show the same way again.For decades, it’s felt like the NFL has had a predictable rhythm to how (and how often) starters play. A little in the first game, then a little more, and then the third preseason game is the “dress rehearsal,” when coaches game-plan, starters start, and the fans who paid full price for tickets get treated to something resembling their team. In the context of meaningless August football, this one game on the preseason schedule was the closest thing fans got to the real thing. The fourth preseason game, in which starters rarely played, has been a forgivable afterthought.But the ugly, pointless football played Thursday night felt unforgivable — because the players fans pay to see barely played in the first three games, either. Even the last bastion of NFL preseason relevance seems to be vanishing. This year’s “dress rehearsals” hardly lived up to their billing. Carolina Panthers starting quarterback Cam Newton left the game after a minor injury. Almost all of the Green Bay Packers’ starters were held out. Houston starter Deshaun Watson got sacked to start the team’s first possession, the Texans lost starting running back Lamar Miller for the season on the next play, then Watson got sacked again, fumbled the ball and headed for the bench without throwing a pass. Indianapolis Colts starter Andrew Luck retired before taking a single preseason rep.If teams are comfortable going the entire preseason with their starting quarterbacks barely taking the field, the league’s case for making their fans spend the time and money to watch these games is significantly weakened. Perhaps as no surprise, calls to reduce the number of preseason games are now coming from everywhere, from fans on Twitter to major news outlets. It feels like all of a sudden, the whole NFL-watching world has given up on the preseason.Of course, calls for a shortened NFL preseason are nothing new. Analyst John Clayton called for it in The Washington Post earlier this month — almost two decades after he wrote for ESPN that players’ union representatives had already been pushing for it “for years.”The year after Clayton wrote that ESPN article, the NFL expanded to 32 teams. Fourteen of those teams’ eventual Week 1 starters led their squad in preseason pass attempts. Even as their union reps were arguing that a four-game preseason was at least one game more than anybody needed, stars like Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Daunte Culpepper, Brett Favre and Peyton Manning were out there taking more reps than anybody on their team.During that 2002 season, 34.4 percent of preseason passes were thrown by quarterbacks who would go on to start Week 1. A decade later, starters’ share of the workload was about the same. But from 2012 to last season, their leaguewide share of pass attempts dropped by 36.5 percent. read more

Vladimir Guerreros Best Games Were In Montreal — And No One Saw

Roberto Alomar1997-20012BBAL/CLE26.943,113 Greg Maddux1994-98PATL39.740,169 Rollie Fingers1974-78POAK/SDP13.014,125 Reggie Jackson1971-75RF/CFOAK31.111,883 Jim Palmer1975-79PBAL27.414,463 Tom Glavine1995-99PATL26.639,232 When we think of soon-to-be Hall of Fame inductee Vladimir Guerrero’s outstanding career, we might recall his 2004 American League MVP season with the Anaheim Angels, when he carried his new squad to the postseason with a scorching .363/.424/.726 triple-slash line in September. Or perhaps we’d picture another Angels-era moment, a play that seems to be everyone’s favorite Guerrero highlight: that time he somehow blooped a hit on a pitch that bounced in front of home plate.But many of Guerrero’s top moments came in relative obscurity, as a member of the (late, lamented) Montreal Expos. Although fans of the big-market Atlanta Braves and New York Mets got to see him play on television with some frequency, Guerrero was mostly touted as baseball’s best-kept secret during his peak, routinely playing before microscopic audiences at Stade Olympique. He was baseball’s equivalent of an indie band on the cusp of national discovery — the hipster fan’s alternative to mainstream favorites like Ken Griffey Jr. or Barry Bonds. And while some assorted clips do exist of Guerrero’s feats with his first MLB team, it was also the era right before MLB.TV permanently killed the notion of an underground star. Guerrero might have been the last truly great player to bear that title.Certainly, no recent Hall of Famer was seen by fewer people in person during his best seasons than Guerrero. From 1998 to 2002, Guerrero produced 29.5 wins above replacement (WAR)1Averaging together the versions of WAR found at and FanGraphs. for the Expos, marking the top five-year stretch of his career. Over that span, an average of just 10,038 fans came to see each of Guerrero’s home games, according to attendance data from That’s the fewest of any HOF member whose career took place during the expansion era (since 1961), including likely 2018 inductees Chipper Jones, Jim Thome and Trevor Hoffman: Phil Niekro1974-78PATL34.910,229 John Smoltz1995-99PATL29.639,226 Gaylord Perry1972-76PCLE/TEX35.811,210 Chipper Jones1998-20023B/LFATL31.837,792 Ivan Rodriguez1996-2000CTEX29.935,120 Mike Piazza1993-97CLAD31.939,857 Includes hitters and pitchers whose entire careers came in the post-expansion era (since 1961).Sources:, FanGraphs Rod Carew1973-772B/1BMIN36.910,346 Randy Johnson1998-2002PSEA/ARI/ HOU43.135,791 Bert Blyleven1972-76PMIN/TEX36.810,339 Catfish Hunter1971-75POAK/NYY24.612,501 Vladimir Guerrero1998-2002RFMON29.510,038 Ozzie Smith1985-89SSSTL30.734,781 Bottom 10YearsPosTeam(s)WARATT/Game Nolan Ryan1973-77PCAL28.813,455 Jim Thome1995-993B/1BCLE26.341,716 Top 10YearsPosTeam(s)WARAVG. Att/Game The most- and least-watched Hall of Famers in their primesTop and bottom 10 Hall of Famers by team attendance per game in their five best consecutive seasons by wins above replacement, 1961-present That number stands out even more when you consider that Guerrero’s peak straddled the 1990s and 2000s, a consistent period of record-high attendance in the major leagues. All of the other least-watched Hall members on the list above came from the 1970s, when MLB-wide attendance per game had barely budged since the ’50s. By the time Guerrero came along, though, attendance was cresting after two decades of incredible growth. There’s a reason nine of the 10 most-watched HOFers came from the ’90s.But playing in a crumbling, derelict ballpark north of the Canadian border, for a franchise whose roster was gutted after the 1994 strike derailed a season many still believe was destined for a championship, Guerrero was the ultimate under-the-radar superstar. For example, he finished only 13th in MVP voting in 1998 despite producing the second-best season of his career by WAR (and tying fellow likely Chipper Jones for fifth in WAR among NL position players). During his final four seasons in Montreal, Guerrero had three seasons with a quadruple-digit on-base plus slugging (OPS), yet he finished in the top five of MVP voting only once.Of course, in some ways the privacy of Montreal also added to Guerrero’s mystique. In combination with his thrilling style of play — he loved to swing at (and hit) anything in the same area code as the plate, and he rifled down base runners with a cannon of an arm in right field — there was a certain romance to the image of the mega-talented Guerrero toiling away thanklessly for a soon-to-be-relocated shell of a franchise. He helped2Alongside underrated second baseman Jose Vidro and pitchers Javier Vazquez and Tomo Ohka. drag the Expos to surprising respectability in seasons like 2002, when they beat the odds to finish second in the NL East with 83 wins despite owning the league’s lowest payroll. And when Guerrero was finally given the spotlight of a bigger market in 2004, he made the most of it in MVP fashion.It made for a great narrative arc to the career of an all-time great player. However, it’s still a shame more people didn’t get to see Guerrero play during his peak seasons. Nowadays, we take it for granted that we can watch small-market stars whenever we want via the power of streaming. But Guerrero serves as a reminder of a time not so long ago, when brilliant individual performances could still be limited to an extremely small audience of lucky admirers. read more

Ohio State mens soccer preparing for test against No 8 Louisville

OSU junior midfielder Zach Mason (7) plays the ball during a game against Akron on Sept. 24 at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium. OSU lost, 3-1.Credit: Ben Jackson / For The LanternExperiencing an extended losing streak is less than ideal for any team. For the Ohio State men’s soccer team, a trip on the road to take on a top-10 team could make that situation even worse.OSU (2-3-3, 1-1-0) has dropped three straight games after beginning the season undefeated through its first five. The team is scheduled to travel to Louisville, Ky., to take on the No. 8 Louisville Cardinals (5-1-1) on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.A struggle to score goals has been at the forefront for the Buckeyes, who have only scored one goal in their three consecutive losses.“The ability to score goals has been lacking so far,” redshirt-senior goalkeeper Alex Ivanov said. “We’ve addressed some of the issues and dissected our play from the last few games, and we’re really looking forward to the opportunity (Tuesday night).”The team has worked in practice and in film studies to reverse the offensive troubles by changing the attacking mindset.“We’re going to try to possess the ball as much as we can and build up the attack, instead of playing so direct, playing 50-50 balls that we’ll lose and putting so much responsibility on one particular player,” Ivanov said. “Just having everyone have that same collective responsibility going forward so that we can have good chances and capitalize on those chances.”Despite the losing streak, OSU coach John Bluem said he does not feel like his players are letting the lack of success affect the team’s morale.“I don’t have any problem at all with the guys’ effort, and I don’t think they were that upset about (Saturday’s loss to Dayton), either,” Bluem said. “I mean, nobody likes to lose, but I think coming out of the last two games we’ve felt good about how we’ve performed.”Junior midfielder Zach Mason said as one of the team’s co-captains, he has a responsibility to prevent his teammates from beating themselves up over the losses.“My job is just to keep everyone’s eyes looking forward, staying together and trying to set the right example, just make sure everyone’s on the same page,” Mason said. “I think we have a team full of leaders, so I don’t think it’s difficult to keep this team together, but that’s just what I’m trying to do.”Though Louisville is probably not the team they want to be facing in the midst of a losing streak, Bluem said he feels his team should not be counted out against the Cardinals.“When you have the opportunity to play against these top teams, it’s good to go into the game as an underdog,” Bluem said. “It’s good to be on the road, and the expectations aren’t too high for you from the group that’s down there. We should be relaxed, and I think we are. It’s going to be a fun opportunity.“They have a very, very good program, a highly ranked team, with a great facility and a big crowd there to root against you, it fires you up,” Bluem said. “Hopefully the guys will be fired up.”The Cardinals have not experienced the same struggle to score goals that the Buckeyes have. In its last four games, Louisville has scored a total of 14 goals. In comparison, OSU has only managed seven goals in eight matches this year and just three in its past four.“(Louisville has) always been just a really difficult team to break down their pressure,” Bluem said. “You have to pass quickly and accurately, and you have to get out of your end of the field in possession of the ball, and that’s not easy to do against them. Once you break the pressure, though, then they become a team just like anyone else.”After the matchup with the Cardinals, the Buckeyes are scheduled to return home to face No. 14 Michigan State on Saturday at 7 p.m at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium. read more

Putin thanks FIFA for keeping Sports outside of politics

first_imgRussia is the host of  2018 World Cup amid persistent tension with the West about issues such as Moscow’s interference in Ukraine, it’s alleged meddling in US elections, and the nerve-agent poisoning of a former spy and his daughter in England.Russian president Vladimir Putin addressed representatives of more than 200 national soccer federations at the 68th FIFA Congress today ahead of  the World Cup tournament opening tomorrow and said, according to Radio Free Europe:“I would like to make special note of FIFA’s adherence to the principle of sports outside of politics,’”ScotlandScotland needs a hero: Billy Dodds Manuel R. Medina – September 10, 2019 According to former striker, Billy Dodds his country needs a hero to inspire future generations as the team’s hope to qualify to the EURO 2020 is small.“Russia has always supported this approach.”Putin will attend the opening game of the World Cup, as Russia plays Saudi Arabia at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow. The tournament, which will be played at 12 stadiums in 11 Russian cities, ends on July 15.The FIFA Congress has rule out Morocco and selected US, Canada and Mexico as the host of the 2026 World Cup.last_img read more

Liverpool ready to sell Sturridge for £15m

first_imgLiverpool are ready to offload Daniel Sturridge this summer and are willing to accept bids in the region of £15m, reports the Daily TelegraphThe former England international has been told that he has no future at Anfield and will have to leave in order to gain the regular playing time that he needs.Sturridge had previously spent the latter part of last season on loan at the relegated West Brom, but he failed to make an impact and could not find the back of the net with just six appearances and two starts.divock origi, liverpoolReport: Origi cause Klopp injury concerns George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Divock Origi injury in today’s game against Newcastle is a cause for concern for Jurgen Klopp.Perhaps with one eye on Tuesday’s trip to Italy…The 28-year-old has attracted the interest of the likes of Sevilla and Fenerbahce, but it remains to be seen whether they would be willing to fork out £15m for the out-of-form striker.And Liverpool have no interest in taking a cut-price deal for Sturridge and feel under no pressure to sell him immediately, despite the fact that he has fallen completely out of favour with Jurgen Klopp.last_img read more

Mancini Italy have no striker problem

first_imgItaly boss Roberto Mancini believes a lack of attacking options is not the reason behind their current struggles in front of goalSince Mancini’s appointment in May, Italy have scored just twice in three games in Group A3 in the Nations League.With Federico Bernardeschi as a false-nine on Sunday, the Azzurri’s problems in front of goal were plain for everyone to see after missing a host of chances at Poland.While an injury-time goal from Cristiano Biraghi did seal Mancini’s first win in charge of Italy, concerns over their striking options remain for the supporters.“There’s no striker problem,” said Mancini, according to Football-Italia.“There are times where you don’t win and you don’t even know why, then suddenly it all changes. Now the hope is that the lads get to the Portugal game in good physical shape.“The win [against Poland] was important, but the performance even more so. We gave consistency to what we did against Ukraine in Genoa.“The best thing about the win was how happy the lads were, I think they deserved it after a long time.Cristiano Ronaldo, JuventusSerie A Betting: Match-day 3 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Considering there is a number of perfect starts so early in the Serie A season, as well as a few surprisingly not-so perfect ones….“But now we still have to improve a lot and give consistency to our results and performances.“We have to be an attacking team, both at home and away. We need time and patience, but that’s our ultimate target.”🎥 #Highlights🇵🇱🇮🇹 #PolandItaly 0️⃣-1️⃣⚽️ 92’ #BIRAGHI🏆 #NationsLeague🏟 #SilesianStadium – #Chorzow#POLITA— Italy (@azzurri) October 16, 2018last_img read more

Gattuso happy with improved Milan

first_imgGennaro Gattuso is impressed with AC Milan’s current brand of football and went on to praise the team after their win over Cagliari.With fellow top-four rivals securing wins prior to their clash, Milan knew anything less than a victory will see them in the seventh positionHowever, Gattuso’s men responded with an emphatic 3-0 win thanks to a Luca Ceppitelli own goal, followed by strikes from new boys Lucas Paquetá and Krzysztof Piatek to complete the rout.“We did well tonight, played good football and could’ve had more goals. I didn’t like the attitude of the midfielders in the first half, as we weren’t taking enough control,” the Coach told Football Italia via Sky.“I’ve liked our performances for a while and said we needed to get both phases right, attacking and defending. We were fortunate today.“Now it’s about hunger, the desire to work together as a unit. I don’t want to hear ‘I’ from anyone, it’s about ‘us.’“For many years we’ve reached the spring and Milan have been outside the race for the Champions League, but we need to break that trend and fight hard to be in a strong position when the final weeks arrive.Cristiano Ronaldo, JuventusSerie A Betting: Match-day 3 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Considering there is a number of perfect starts so early in the Serie A season, as well as a few surprisingly not-so perfect ones….The former Rossoneri midfielder praised Calhanoglu for his effort on the flanks and his impact on the game.Way to go boys, determination begets success 👏🏼Bravi ragazzi, siamo sempre con voi 🔴⚫️#MilanCagliari— AC Milan (@acmilan) February 10, 2019“I expect more from Hakan Calhanoglu because he has remarkable technique, but then you have to look at how much he runs, the distance he travels and the work-rate. I think he is unfairly maligned, I like the way he interprets that role.“He’s not a real winger, I know that, but he can unite the midfield with the attack and give a lot of quality to the side.”Milan will face fellow top-four rivals Atalanta in their next encounter on Saturday.last_img read more

40 Honored at DECR Stewardship Awards

first_img Related Items:#magneticmedianews, Department of Environment and Coastal Resources, Environmental Stewardship Awards TCIG, world environment day Environmental Awards by DEMA this weekend Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI June 8, 2017 – A mixed group of schools, non-profit organizations and government agencies were among the 40 awardees at the Department of Environment and Coastal Resources (DECR) Environmental Stewardship Awards held on Monday.The award ceremony was held in commemoration of World Environment Day and sought to honor those who have been promoting conservation and environmental sustainability in the TCI year round.DECR Deputy Director Ethan Griesbach lauded the honorees for their ongoing commitment to protecting the environment. “World Environment Day is but one day to celebrate, acknowledge and promote our commitment to environmental stewardship. But it does not and cannot stop there. Environmental stewardship must be practiced daily. The kind contributions of these recipients are a testament to this, and for this the DECR is thankful,” he said.Welcome remarks were also given by the Acting Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism, Environment, Culture, Heritage & Gaming, Michelle Fulford Gardiner, who encouraged honorees to be creative when sharing their experiences. The 40 awardees are: Amanyara, Angela T. Freites, Department of Culture, Beaches TCI, Big Blue Unlimited, Blue Haven Marina, Blue Water Divers, Bohio Dive Resort, Clement Howell High School Environmental Club, Department of Disaster Management & Emergency, Department of Environmental Health, Edward C. Gartland Youth Centre, FilCom TCI Inc, Fortis TCI, Graceway IGA, Jennifer Martel (Provo Ocean Warriors), Johanne Karam (Karam & Missick Attourneys), Lynn Robinson, Majestic Taxi and Tours, Marine Conservation Society, UK, Marine and Coastal Ecology Research Centre, Meridian Trust, Pine Cay Project, Provo Primary School, Provo Turtle Divers, Reef Action Team, British West Indies Collegiate, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, School for Field Studies, Silly Creek Water Sports, Surfside Ocean Academy, TC Crystal Pure, Tito Seymour (Represent Turks & Caicos), Turks & Caicos Friends of the Arts Foundation, Turks & Caicos Hotel & Tourism Association, Turks & Caicos Islands Swimming Federation, Turks & Caicos National Museum, Turks & Caicos National Trust, Turks & Caicos Real Estate Association, Turks & Caicos Reef Fund, Turks & Caicos Tourist Board, Turtle Cove Marina and Turks Head Brewery.#MagneticMediaNews#EnvironmentalStewardshipAwards Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Recommended for youlast_img read more

One dead and three wounded during shooting at La Jolla house party

first_img Posted: June 23, 2019 June 23, 2019 KUSI Newsroom Updated: 1:14 PM KUSI Newsroom, center_img One dead and three wounded during shooting at La Jolla house party 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Police Monday released the name of a 20-year-old woman killed in a weekend shooting.Nina Silver, a San Diego resident, died Sunday after being shot by an unknown assailant, said Lt. Anthony Dupree of the San Diego Police Department.A GoFundMe page has been set up for Silver to help pay for funeral services.Three men were wounded by the assailant in a vehicle that drove by them while they were standing near a house party in La Jolla, Dupree said. A group of people were standing near the east alley in the 7500 block of Cuvier Street when a light-colored sedan drove north in the alley and an occupant from the car fired several rounds at the victims, Dupree said.Officers dispatched to the scene a little before 12:40 a.m and discovered Silver and an unidentified 23-year-old man suffering from gunshot wounds to the upper body, Dupree said.Silver was pronounced dead at an area hospital, and the 23-year-old man was listed in stable but serious condition, police said.Two other victims, both 19-year-old men, arrived at different hospitals with gunshot wounds to the upper body. Both were listed in stable condition.Dupree said there is no description of the occupants in the vehicle. San Diego police homicide detectives asked anyone with information regarding the shooting to call them at 619-531-2293. Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more